January 20, 2021

Food and restaurant trends shape Canada’s food experiences in 2021

Toronto – With COVID-19 rapidly changing consumer habits and the industry as a whole, RC Show 2021 is gearing up for the next 10 months into the coming months. As we all work together at Canada’s leading food service and hospitality trade event, we have compiled a list of the best trends, innovations and events that will shape how we dine in 2021.

From February 28 – March 3, R.C. Show 2021 Online Live aims to reunite the hospitality industry and build businesses through the revolutionary, Canadian-made online live virtual platform. The action-packed, four-day event will bring more access to world-class, solution-based content, innovative products and more to support one of the hardest hit sectors in the Canadian economy.

Here is a taste of what you can expect from the RC Show and the 2021 dining experience:

Technological changes in the post-Kovit world: Over the past year alone, Touchless technology has evolved to help restaurants streamline businesses, deliver quality services and products, and provide cloud-based solutions to ensure stability and security for employees and hosts. Technology expects the hospitality industry to move forward as COVID-19 accelerates the evolution of technology facing consumers.

Touchless order
Some restaurants have faced locking up better than others, adapting to the restrictions by bringing in new and old technology: a new rule for viewing QR codes menu, touch-free sorting and payment. While the QR codes work, their impersonal approach has companies expecting the best ways to physically “connect” with restaurants. Eating in 2021 should not feel as hot and friendly as we used to be, at least not right now, but the introduction of applications App8 Helps to make the whole process non-contact and a little easier. You can ask, order and pay your server questions for a truly non-contact experience.

AR, VR and digital shelf
After several months of isolation, consumers are more comfortable ordering food and groceries online. Beautiful and bold packaging, as well as menu design brands want to stand out from the crowd with their product, to make products stand out in the “digital shelf”. R.C. Like the show’s 2021 online live virtual site, it was created specifically for the show Nexttech A.R. Such applications ARitize Issued by InfernoAR and Kaba Q. People bring the experience of 3D homes into homes and restaurants. Picture that you are interested in seeing before ordering that blender or a dish 3D food samples at your place before purchasing.

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Experience on your doorstep
The entire indoor restaurant experience can be lost in the locks, but Chef Tastings, wine and cheese pairs, live demos and more are quickly available at the touch of a button from the comfort of your own kitchen. Interest in online flavors, virtual experiences and managed retail boxes has grown since the outbreak began. Such as brands Joey Restaurants They bring the taste of their restaurant to the doorsteps of the restaurant with food and cocktail tools, which include everything you need to make a home menu and bar favorite.

Food supply rises to new heights
With food delivery being one of the hospitality industry’s savings tools by 2020, consumers will not expect anything less than the rapid relocations and timely arrival of the New Year. Are autonomous vehicles and drones finally ready to serve our food this year? Partial distribution is already under discussion, Uber eats Is looking to take the food supply to new heights. Drones can halve delivery times, drastically reduce average delivery charges and increase the volume of deliveries to restaurants.

Specific plates: Dinner ordering habits and preferences have changed. Labels have become more obvious, menus have shrunk to “chef specials”, and in times of turmoil Ruchbuts yearns for the familiar. Here are some other things that will keep people hungry in 2021:

The comfort food that Rocks make
In a world of uncertainty, restaurant stomachs signal the taste for comfort. Such as restaurant chains Jack Asters Menu staples like chicken fingers should be on top of the menu. But expect to see the traditional traditional comfort dishes that rediscover these flavors well into the New Year in 2021, as well as get new and innovative and famous tried and tested favorites – Bad Thai French fries, pulled pork dishes and veggies like cheese and plant jerky or “calivings” Above the food facilities.

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Customers will not have to worry about losing the mess they want in 2021, whether the restrictions are still in place or not, restaurants will offer Crop-and-Go options so restaurants can access their menu favorites and flavors anywhere, anytime.

Horned 2.0
2020 was the year of fermentation, but 2021 combines functional favorites with probiotics, mushrooms and adaptogens, creating a new era of healthy, gut-friendly options. The blenders combine the benefits of live probiotic cultures with the alcohol hornbeam in our cocktails to quench thirst and build a sponge.

Social Sensitive Food: Like our minds, our tastes have become consciences. 2020 saw many movements in support of marginalized groups, small businesses and local brands. By making key choices in 2021, restaurants can help consumers move toward “feeding for recovery”:

BIPOC Food Things
The Black Lives Matter movement of 2020 attracted attention to the rich culinary tradition and the contributing contributions of the BIPOC people, especially in the food, beverage and retail sectors. Diners will continue to search and support black-owned and operated restaurants and businesses.

Food waste area Dukes
The RC Show may have started the food waste conversation a few years ago, but diners are finally demanding that the brands they support be returned to the communities they serve. The fight against single-use plastics will continue into 2021. Restaurants and hotels have recently begun to move to the plate by sending more food to food banks, using apps that connect directly with local communities that need more restaurants. Such applications Wasted It provides data-driven motivation based on the optimal pre-date of an object; Belonging to a Canadian country Feedback And Flashfood, And many are fighting hunger, expensive consumers and food waste at the same time. The government is expected to make changes to blue box schemes that require restaurants to continue to become waste-friendly.

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Prior to COVID-19, food service was the fastest growing industry in Canada, with sales of $ 93 billion in 2019. Now, half of all local restaurants are in danger of closing permanently within a year.

With this in mind, RC Show 2021 Online Live is a place where the industry can never rebuild, rediscover and reconnect. You can also find out about these trends and more by visiting the show www.rcshow.com For more information.

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