September 30, 2022

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Former Judge Sergio Moro joins political party in Brazil | News

Former Brazilian judge Sergio Moro announced on Wednesday that he would run in the by-elections, saying he would not run in next year’s presidential election at the hands of the political party Podemos, but rejected the decision. Jair Bolzano, the current president and justice minister.

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The former LavaJato judge is expected to make a public appearance at a ceremony in Brasilia today to see if he can run for president.

Moro, the leader of the Odebrecht megacause in the LavaJato operation, was a key figure in the imprisonment of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

Shortly after working for a consulting firm called Alvarez Y. Marshall in Washington, Moro returned to Brazil determined to run in the next election. The final point of his passing through the administration of Jair Bolzano as Minister of Justice was in April 2020.

In fact, Jair Bolsanaro attacked Moro on Monday, accusing him of “having political motives in a camouflage way” and wanted to get a seat on the Supreme Court when he became justice minister.

Compared to the two strongest incumbents, the current president and former president Lula, in the 2022 referendum, the list of candidates with more than 10 names will increase Moro’s name on the so-called “third way” list.

Podemos, the site elected by Moro, is a small central party with 11 representatives and 11 representatives in the Senate. Led by Paran Senator Alvaro Diaz, the party has maintained its support for the Lava Jato operation and the fight against corruption as its main slogan.

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