September 30, 2022

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Former Peruvian President Hollande Humala has launched an investigation

The first pre-trial court of the National High Court issued charges of money laundering and other charges against Humala and Heredia; They claim the mother and brother of the former first lady and seven defendants founded a criminal organization.

Both the former president and his wife and other defendants pleaded not guilty, and attorney Jurais based his allegations primarily on the statements of the Brazilian firm Odebrecht, whose executives, in agreement with the prosecutor’s office, confirmed that they had contributed $ 3 million to the election campaign. Humala since 2011.

The accused also confirmed that he had checked the measures taken to cover up the money that Humala-Heredias had denied receiving the money.

Juarez said Humala and his nationalist party, which ruled between 2011 and 2016, had received funding from the Venezuelan government and that the accused had not been denied recognition.

After ordering the trial to begin, the court recognized the charge and, under the guidance of the Executive Committee of the Judiciary, directed the court to decide the case and to order the opening of the preparatory hearing stage and to provide greater vigor. Judicial processes.

The indictment contains the Nationalist Party, under the controversial assumption that it was created as an instrument of a criminal organization, in order to obtain funds and carry out money laundering activities to cover up its appearance.

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