November 28, 2022

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Forum on various topics celebrating Afro-Descendant Day – Brenza Latina

These pledges were recalled by its organizers at the Decade of International Decade for People of African Descent, International Conference on Population and Development, Durban Declaration and Action Plan, Montevideo Consensus Declaration and the 2030 Sustainable Development of the Agenda.

Shortly before, they will hold an inaugural forum commemorating the International Day of People of African Descent to expedite the implementation of international obligations to promote the rights, recognition, justice and development of that population.

Introductory remarks by FC Campbell, Vice President of Costa Rica and Harold Robinson and Dorothy Davis, Regional Director for the Caribbean Regional Director of the United States Population Fund (ANFA) for Latin America and the Black Caucasus Institute of Congress. And Representative of the United Nations Global African Diaspora Initiative.

The commemoration of the first International Day of African Descent began with a two-way, face-to-face / virtual, political-cultural event at the National Theater in the capital, Costa Rica, last night. .

Celebrating this day for the first time contributes to improving respect for their human rights and fundamental freedoms, eliminating all forms of discrimination against people of African descent, and promoting the diversity of heritage and the extraordinary contributions of African immigrants.

President Carlos Alvarado, Campbell and Robinson attended the opening ceremony of the celebration, which will take place in San Jose and Kahuida (Limon Province) until next Saturday.

The Costa Rican president described the value that African descent has given to the nation as incalculable, which is why it is just and necessary to recognize the relentless efforts of women and men to transgress history, laws and injustice. Freedom was first and foremost because their rights were recognized as the rights of all.

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Our commitment is to repay that historic debt, but not only during the commemoration, but with acts that violate the festivities, Alvarado stressed.

On the cultural evening, they presented a song I came from a land, the rise of African descent in all its diversity.

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