November 28, 2022

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Francia declara alerta naranja para 38 municipios ante ola de calor

France put in place a plan of actions against the drought that caused water restrictions in 72 of the 101 departments of the country to maintain the activity of the agricultural sector and the nuclear power plants with minor alterations possible.

Al respecto, el servicio meteorológico nacional frances Metéo-France informed this Saturday that a “orange” alert was declared in 38 departments of the European country due to heat.

Yesterday, only 16 departments were affected by the warning.

The south of France has been experiencing a wave of heat since last week that will extend in the next few days to the north.

En los 38 departamentos del south de Francia se ha prohibido el acceso a los bosques includos los excursionistas and los deportistas para attemptar evitar incendios. Además, hay otra veintena larga de departamentos en alerta amarilla.

One day more, it is expected that 35 degrees will be exceeded in a good part of the interior in the southern half of France, with peaks that could reach 40 degrees.

La ola de calor extremo continuerá en los próximos días, predicts Météo-France. It is expected that in some areas of the south of the country the temperature will reach 40 degrees. En todo el país superará los 30 grados.

It is estimated that next Monday could be the hottest day ever recorded in France. In the south of the country, the temperature in some places will reach 42 degrees.

El martes, la ola de calor will begin to gradually remit in the south, and part of the north will be marked by very high temperatures. Possible electrical storms on Wednesday, according to meteorologists, could put an end to this emergency.

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Según se informó, en las ciudades del sur del país, Nimes and Beziers registered historical records of temperatures superior to 40 degrees.

The minister of agriculture, Marc Fesneau, accompanied by the secretary of the state of ecology, Bérangère Couillard, made this Saturday a visit to the department of Charente, in the west, to meet with the managers of agricultural unions or professional entities to hear them send some mensajes y manifestarles su apoyo.

“La verdad es que no conozco ningun territorio en el que la agricultura pueda mantenerse sin agua”, stressed Fesneau, que en declaraciones a la prensa insistedió en que “la questiona es la gestion rationázionale de los resources”.

The minister recalled that irrigation and water extraction devices for the sector are necessary for livestock, horticulture, fruit trees and even sometimes for vineyards and cereal crops.