October 6, 2022


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French scientists discover world’s largest geoglyphs in India

Stomach: Carlo & Johann Otheimer.

Two French scientists discover giant man-made geoglyphs in India’s Thar Desert There is so much hope in them so far, confirming a publication on archaeological research in Asia.

Geoglyphs are large-scale representations and shapes, usually made by hand, and they are made of durable materials found in nature: stones or pieces, gravel or earth.

Independent father and son researchers Carlo and Johann Otheimer may have made this discovery, For which they relied Google Earth When conducting a virtual survey of the desert area in question.

After that, they used a drone to confirm their presence. One of the interconnected geometric shapes of the desert region A spiral and a snake. The lines that make up the carvings are a kind of groove with a depth of 10 cm and a width of 20-50 on the ground.

The largest of the geoglyphs, one with an asymmetrical spiral, Became A single line Draw that shape It is 724 meters long and reaches 12 kilometers at a width of 201. The drawing of the snake, meanwhile, is less than a kilometer from the spiral map.

In the same reference area, lOthemer discovered small geoglyphs, which they completed About 48 kilometers of lines.

“Until now, these geoglyphs are the largest in the world and the first to be discovered on the Indian subcontinent and are unique in terms of their intriguing features,” the study said.

The objects of the invention are estimated to be at least 150 years old. Due to the significant size of the lines and their location on a plain, this is more than an artistic endeavor – they are considered to belong to a more unknown kind of cultural practice.

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