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Friday, January 14, 2022 (23:00 GMT)

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USA Russia

The United States has accused Russia of trying to create excuses for occupying Ukraine

Washington (EFE) .- The United States on Friday accused Russia of “working actively” to create an excuse to invade or enter Ukraine. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said at a news conference that they had information that Moscow had deployed a troop to create an excuse to enter Ukrainian soil.

United Johnson

Downing Street Elizabeth II apologizes to parties for mourning her husband

LONDON (EFE) .- The British government on Friday confirmed that it had formally apologized to Elizabeth II for two banquets held at its Downing Street headquarters ahead of Prince Philip’s funeral on April 17. With the mask in accordance with current regulations. Boris Johnson, a spokeswoman for the Prime Minister’s Office and House of Representatives, told the media that the celebrations were “regrettable” during the national mourning period, and confirmed that representatives of the administration had phoned Buckingham Palace to apologize.

Corona virus Djokovic

Australia has again revoked the visa of Djokovic, who will be arrested tomorrow

Sydney (Australia) (EFE) .- The Australian government on Friday revoked the visa of world number one Serbian Novak Djokovic for the second time. In it he tries to avoid being deported. An Australian judge has ordered Djokovic not to be deported “immediately” until a judge reconsiders his decision by the immigration minister on Sunday, which will be challenged by the tennis player’s lawyers.

Church Abuses

The Spanish Church excludes the use of an independent authority to clarify abuses

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Vatican City (EFE) .- Cardinal Juan Jos ஒ Omella, Cardinal President of the Spanish Episcopal Conference (CEE), today expressed his desire to clarify the abuses that took place in Spain. At a press conference after meeting the Pope in Rome. “In the face of the problem of abuse, we all feel the great pain of this fact among the community, and we must go along with all the bishops who have established commissions in every diocese to collect the desire and complaints of our intimacy. To prevent such incidents from happening again in the future and to hurt the people,” said the Archbishop of Barcelona. Omella, who led the second group of Spanish bishops to the Vatican on “Ad Limina”, noted the Spanish newspaper El País’ investigation into 251 cases of abuse in different dioceses, which ended in the pope’s office. Attention.

EU Parliament

Europe respectfully bids farewell to Sasoli, assuring the weak

ROME (EFE) .- European and Italian companies bid farewell to the funeral procession of European Parliament Speaker David Sasoli, who died last Tuesday at the age of 65. In recalling and defending the values ​​of Europe. Sassoli’s coffin wrapped in the EU flag enters the Basilica of Santa Maria de Los Angeles and Rome, where the funerals of great personalities in Italy are celebrated. Large European delegates attended the funeral, including EU Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen, European Council President Charles Michel and Interim European Parliament Speaker Roberta Metsola.

Ukraine cyber attack

Ukraine has condemned the “Russian footprint” after a cyber attack on government bases

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Moscow (EFE) .- Ukraine’s computer security center has condemned the “Russian footprint” after a massive cyber attack against several government websites this morning. The cyber attack targeted 70 websites, including the Cabinet of Ministers, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, the Ministries of Education and Science and the Emergency Situations Service. A few hours later, the Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mikhail Fyodorov said that the personal data of citizens is safe and not affected by cyber attacks.

China D. Man

Relatives of a prominent human rights lawyer in China have condemned his disappearance

BEIJING (EFE) .- Relatives of Chinese lawyer Xi Yang have condemned the disappearance of a well-known lawyer on social networking site Twitter for defending human rights concerns and for arresting hundreds of people in 2015 during so-called “709” trials. Lawyers and activists. The lawyer’s wife, Chen Quiki, tweeted, “On January 11, state security forces took Xie away, and his whereabouts have not been known since.” Xie was arrested in 2015 and prosecuted in 2017 for “frequently used offenses against state power” and “disruption of order” against activists and protesters in China.

North Korean missiles

North Korea has intensified its message by launching a third missile in nine days

Seoul (EFE) .- North Korea today launched its third missile in the past nine days, threatening a “strong” response this week to US-sanctioned sanctions against North Korean citizens linked to the regime’s weapons program. The indifference shown in Pyongyang’s dialogue for months, the renewed desire of the United States to tighten sanctions and the three North Korean weapons tests in a week all echo the tensions between the two countries in 2017.

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Corona antiviral drugs

EMA asks to monitor possible cross-sectional myelitis by AstraZeneca and Jansen

The Hague (EFE) .- The European Medicines Institute (EMA) today added the transverse myelitis, a neurological disease, as a very rare adverse reaction to the Kovit-19 vaccine developed by Astrogeneneka and Jansen. An “unknown bandwidth”. The Safeguards Committee (PRAC) has recommended changing the product information for Vaxzevria (brand name for the AstraZeneca vaccine) and Janssen, warning health professionals and patients receiving one of these vaccines. Myelitis (TM) after vaccination.

Moliere Anniversary

France celebrates Mountbank Moliere conquering Louis XIV

Paris (EFE) .- Unlike the stars of our time, we know very little about the iconic Moliere of the 17th century. But 400 years after his birth, the hill that transcended the censorship of the church, making a prominent place for himself in the court of Louis XIV, is always remembered as a national glory. Experts have already speculated that the art name of Jean-Baptiste Poquelin’s unknown origin could not fill the numerous gaps left in Moliere’s biography. Even this January 15th is not the actual date of the fourteenth anniversary of his birth, but the certificate of baptism discovered in the 19th century. EFE

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