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Friday, November 19, 2021 (09.00 GMT)

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Venezuela European Union

Maduro says he is not worried about the EU extending sanctions

Caracas (EFE) .- Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has confirmed that “nothing” is concerned about extending EU sanctions on 55 first-time applicants. Extended to 2017 and November 2022. “I can tell you from the EU (High Representative of the EU Camp for Foreign Affairs) what Joseph Borel is saying or doing, or what the EU is doing on its upper echelons, with the racist campuses of backward colonialism,” Maduro said in a telephone conversation with the state-owned channel Venezolana de Television (VTV). Said when asked about the alleged extension.

North American Summit

Biden Lopez urges Obrador to join forces to prove the power of democracies

Washington (EFE) .- US President Joe Biden on Thursday hoped that his alliance with his Mexican envoy, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, would show that “democracy can work” in light of the rise of authoritarian models such as China. . “I firmly believe that we are both committed, so that democracy really helps our people. Democracy has been reduced and diminished over the last 20 years,” Biden told reporters at the White House at the start of his first meeting. Interview with Lopez Obrador. As Biden explained, before the journalists entered the Oval Office, the two leaders spoke briefly about some of the paintings that adorned the room and portraits of former U.S. presidents, including Franklin D. Roosevelt. Includes Roosevelt’s (1933) film. -1945.

North American Summit

Mexico calls for end to rejection of immigrants at summit with US and Canada

Washington (EFE) .- Mexico on Thursday called on the United States and Canada to stop “rejecting immigrants” because they need to grow economically, and these countries are proposing to formulate a common economic strategy to reduce imports from Asia. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lோpez Obrador made the remarks to US President Joe Biden and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during the IX Summit of North American Leaders at the White House.

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Poland Belarus

Polish border guard reports 255 attempts to cross the border

Krakw (Poland) (EFE) .- The Polish border guard on Friday announced 255 new attempts by migrants to cross Belarus and deported 45 foreign nationals. “Two large groups tried to cross the border by force, one with 500 and the other with 50 foreigners. The people were aggressive,” the Polish organization said on Twitter. Since the beginning of this year, the Border Patrol has recorded more than 34,000 attempts to cross the Polish-Belarusian border illegally, of which more than 6,000 occurred in November, approximately 17,300 in October, nearly 7,700 in September and more than 3,500 in August. , According to the Pop Agency account.

India protests

India announces repeal of controversial and strongly opposed land reform

New Delhi (EFE) .- Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday announced his decision to withdraw three laws behind the controversial agrarian reform that sought to liberalize the sector, but it was considered unjust by farmers. Struggle for almost a year. “I am coming to tell you and the entire nation that we have decided to repeal the three agricultural laws,” Modi said in a televised speech, surprisingly turning one of the measures that generated much opposition during his tenure. The Prime Minister explained that the constitutional process for repealing the three laws would begin at the end of the month, “when the winter session of Parliament begins”.


Corona virus



Germany is recording a new peak of events and increasing pressure on those who have not been vaccinated

Berlin (EFE) .- Twelve consecutive days in Germany the corona virus infection has set a new high as the country prepares to increase pressure on those who have not been vaccinated. With 340.7 new infections per 100,000 citizens, the total number of cases, which have been recording record figures for seven days and twelve days, is at a new high. Health officials recorded 52,970 new infections and 201 deaths with Govt-19 in a single day, while the number of active cases was 561,400. The federal government and “Länder” have agreed on a limit on hospital admission rates, from which gradual and regional restrictions will be introduced, which interim President Angela Merkel has demanded.

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Central Europe

The fourth wave is pushing Central Europe back to locks and closures

Vienna (EFE) .- Incidents of Govt-19 cases are on the rise and as the death rate rises many Central European countries are going through tighter controls, for example, Austria, compulsory vaccination or re-control the entire population. Countries such as Austria or the Czech Republic, which passed the first wave with the lowest number of infections and deaths in the spring of 2020 compared to Italy or Spain, are forced to restrict freedom of movement with the public class one year later. The vaccination rate is lower than the EU average.


Chile elections

The presidential election campaign in Chile ends three days before the decisive election

Santiago de Chile (EFE) .- The most important and uncertain campaign in the country’s recent history for the November 21 presidential election ended this Thursday in Chile with rallies and flag waving of various parties. In the Valparaiso region, 122 kilometers off the capital, Chile, left-wing candidate Gabriel Borig has taken part in a number of events in various locations, where he stressed the need to focus on ensuring social rights.

Columbia abortion

Colombia’s constitution postpones decision to acquit abortion

Bogot (EFE) .- Colombia’s Constitutional Court has suspended the expiration terms of the abortion debate, forcing judges to decide later Friday whether to remove the offense from criminal law. The issue arose after one of the constitutional magistrates, Alejandro Linares, made a statement to the media seeking to declare himself barred from voting. Before making any decision on the abortion, the full chamber had to vote on the condition of the liner this Thursday, but “at the end of the full chamber this Thursday, the tie occurred when deciding Dr. Linares’ ban,” the Constitutional Court said. ..

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USA Death penalty

American prisoner who injected himself with the support of celebrities

WASHINGTON (EFE) .- His name may have become more of a figure on death row records in the United States, but this Thursday Julius Jones, a black prisoner convicted of murder, was not hanged in the state of Oklahoma and his sentence was reduced. Imprisonment for life in terrorism. The move comes after a record number of celebrities and thousands of people – including 6.5 million signatories on the site – supported his mercy petition.

Cabo Awards

The magazine on migration and violence has been imposed at the Kabo Awards

Bogot,, Nov. 18 (EFE) .- The ninth edition of the Cabo Prize imposed reports on the immigration crisis and violence, presented at a virtual ceremony on Thursday and was the main winner taking two of the El Boyce newspaper. In four awards. In addition to the Spanish newspaper, there was a documentary on El Pharaoh from El Salvador and an inquiry into La Silla Vasia from Colombia on 1,585 nominated proposals. Winners in each category will receive 35 million Colombian pesos (approximately $ 8,920), a diploma and a copy of “Gabriel” by Colombian artist Antonio Caro.

Latin Grammy

Ruben Platts, Camilo and “Patria y Vida” share pride at the Latin Grammy Awards

Las Vegas (USA) (EFE) .- Ruben Platts, Camilo and the Cuban government song “Patria y Vita” shared pride at the 22nd edition of the Latin Grammy Awards, which returned to Las Vegas on Thursday (USA). .UU.) Must be virtual after 2020 due to infection. The Latin Recording Academy party record was widely distributed and made mostly by men because it was c. Put Thangana to prominence with his hit album “El Madrilino”; The unburned Juan Luis Guerrero; And the star of the urban type Bad Bunny. EFE

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