September 30, 2022

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Fujimori calls for reconsideration of “final” vote after Lima rally in Lima

Madrid, 13 June. (Europa Press) –

Fursa’s popular candidate for the presidency of Peru, Keiko Fujimori, has demanded that the votes of the Office of the National Electoral Processes (ONPE) and the National Electoral Arbitration Council (JNE) be “finalized”.

After attending a rally of supporters of his training on the streets of the country’s capital, Fujimori staged a rally in which he vowed not to allow “all the traps made on the table” to be hidden. Elections, as described by the newspaper ‘El Comrio’.

In addition, the Fursa popular candidate admitted that he was “surprised” when he saw the difference between the results of the Ipsos consultation and the rapid number.

“We want the vote count to be done until the last so that the minutes containing the irregularities can be analyzed. Of course, once that count is over we hope that all the bigots will respect the decision, on the other hand and from here,” he said. Insisted again.

In the same vein, Fujimori insisted that Peru would not be allowed to be “Savista Venezuela,” led by Nicolas Maduro, “manipulating 50 elections”.

Similarly, Fujimori described it as “very strange” that JNE had backtracked on its initial decision to extend the deadline for submitting applications to cancel polling stations.

For his part, Fursa Popular spokesman Miguel Torres pointed out that they would accept the election result “when JNE releases the final resolution as a second event”. “Once it is published by JNE, whatever it is, we will accept and follow its decision. If JNE’s decision implies that a communist government should take over the rule of Peru, we must accept with great regret, but we will accept.” Explained.

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In connection with Fujimori’s request for a restraining order for corruption, Torres pointed to the lawyer’s “hatred.” “The lawyer has been proven to have a grudge against Keiko Fujimori. The truth is, I’m sorry for him because he has a very complicated life, full of hatred, and I hope God will help him,” he said in an interview with ‘Peru 21’.

At this point, with 99.925 per cent of the vote verified, Castillo’s number – 50.141 per cent – is higher than Fujimori’s – 49.859 per cent. However, requests for tables and minutes observed in JNE’s special election juries are still pending.