October 4, 2022


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Gang violence affects trade and healthcare in Haiti – Brenza Latin

Since June 1, clashes between gangs to control the southern exit of the capital have left thousands of families sheltered in shelters or public places, while authorities have been unable to restore peace in the area.

Similar incidents last week displaced hundreds of other people from the Delmas Commune, one of the largest in the country, where gangs, including those with disabilities, were set on fire.

They appreciate the transfer of patients to other institutions and the permanent closure of the center due to the tense situation in the management area of ​​Delmas 2 Hospital, one of the few dedicated to the care of Covid-19 patients. ‘Patients have been dying for days before coming here; Ambulances cannot access the hospital. Stable patients are forced to stay in the hospital. Staff are unable to go to work and supplies are being blocked despite officials ‘willingness to equip the center,’ its director Lunik Santiago told reporters.

For its part, the Haitian Industries Association (AID) condemned the attack and looting of businesses by armed mobs, which created enormous and economic losses, the company criticized.

Aid urged the government to accept its responsibilities to prevent abuses. “It is unthinkable that the country would be handed over to an armed group that sows terrorism,” they said in a statement.

The Center for Human Rights Analysis and Research reports that the gang war, which lasted nearly a month, has so far killed nearly 50 people, half of them police officers.

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