September 25, 2022

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George Areza registered his candidacy as Governor of the Province of Paris

Photo: VTV

This Monday, former Foreign Minister of the Bolivarian Republic Jorge Areza Montserrat, He registered his candidacy as Governor of the Province of Parinas Commander Chavez was an activist in the forces of the Revolution and was a member of the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP) group. For the next election in the Lannera organization on January 9, It took place one day in the presence of a bustling and cheerful crowd on the streets of the capital Parinas.

“It was exciting to see this boiling of the Parisian people; You can see in their faces that they are going to lead the Paris government themselves with this nomination that offers that opportunity, ”Areza once documented in the regional office of the National Election Council (CNE).

The announcement was made this Sunday by the candidate of the Venezuelan United Party (PSUV) and President Nicolas Maduro Moros, who publicly called on all candidates running in the election to provide a clean, ethical contest for the people of Paris. , After the new convention, respecting the rules established by the electoral authority.

“We are going to give Parinas a clean competition, respect the rules and different perspectives and be committed to the people. Through the projects, give us your confidence and make this city a worthy Barinas state,” he said succinctly.

In the aftermath of the November 21 election, the Supreme Court heard complaints from opposition candidates for being politically disqualified. History at other times.

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The socialist and Bolivarian activist, along with related figures from the National Directorate of PSUV, the first vice president of them, Diostato Capello, presented him before the enormous crowd, saying that he had met him face to face as president of the Republic. The eyes of the country’s foreign adversaries are in fact responding directly to global corporations for damage caused by so-called “sanctions” against crimes against humanity.

In this struggle to secure the governorship of Commander Chavez’s home state of Parinas, two well – known models are in conflict, or two poles are colliding: either the Bolivarian revolution in favor of the social rights of the people, Arresa noted. , And with other polo, hateful and vengeful pretenses ruled from the outside, it seeks only to kneel before imperial interests.

He said that at this new stage of his life, he would respect the vote of the barristers for his candidate and make every effort to do great politics in Paris. To eradicate corruption, to solve problems, to adjust as needed, to turn politics into a respectable institution in favor of the citizens.

He has been in touch with various state ministries to launch visits and diagnoses that will allow the company to resume civic work that has been stalled for various reasons, and announced that it will convene a large meeting with the Communes and Community Councils. Listen to what people have to say and pay attention to your needs.

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“Where it needs to change, it will change,” he said of the government’s agenda of promoting it from January 9. “Count this polite employee,” he said, indicating that the changes will be progressive and strong.

Photo: VTV

Photo: VTV

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