October 6, 2022


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Governors in Brazil refuse to notify the Commission on Govt-19

Brasilia-. Governors of 17 states and federal districts have filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court of Brazil challenging the parliamentary commission that evaluated the administration of the government prior to Covid-19.

According to the portal 247 in Brazil, the call for nine governors is said to be in violation of Article 50 of the Constitution, which establishes that the President cannot be summoned to testify before the Parliamentary Investigation Commission (CBI), a comprehensive understanding for state managers.

The move is known as a violation of the federal agreement and a violation of the Basic Rules (ATPF) “aimed at preventing the federal legislature from inviting heads of state executive powers to testify at the CBI.”

They point out that such a move would not negate the federal agreement and the policy of separation of powers.

The document therefore states that “thematic relevance is evident from the fact that the convening of governors by the federal legislature affects the interests of member states, as it violates the autonomy of the federal bodies.”

Federal District Officers and Alagos, Amazonas, Amba, Bahia, Esprito Santo, Coyos, Maranhao, Barre, Bernambuco, Piau, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, Rondonia, Santa Catarina, Sao Paulo, Sergio and Sergio.

The ICC on Wednesday approved requests to produce nine heads of local government on suspicion that 459 thousand 45 deaths and 16 million 391 thousand 930 people may have committed corruption related to the health crisis caused by Govt-19. Date. Infection.

In this sense, Wilson Lima (Amazonas) was praised; Ibanez Rocha (Federal District); Waltz Goss (Ambe); Helder Barbalho (para); Marcos Rocha (Rondania); Antonio Denarium (Roerima); Carlos Moises (Santa Catarina); Moro Carlos (Togandins) and Wellington Diaz (Beow).

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Also summoned were Daniela Reinhar, deputy governor of Santa Catarina, who was fired this year, and Wilson Witzel of Rio de Janeiro.

According to sources close to the commission, there are requirements to call mayors, but it will be later.

The ICC agreed to reconvene Health Minister Marcelo Guerrero and his predecessor, General Eduardo Basuello, who testified, but doubts arose about the veracity of their testimony.

On a tense day on May 26, Senator Randolph Rodriguez, the group’s deputy chairman, called for President Jair Bolsanaro to testify, but the move was rejected by a majority.

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