September 25, 2022

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Govt: South America moves from worst-hit area to most vaccinated area in the world | International | News

The highest number of daily deaths throughout the epidemic occurred in South America.

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South America has one of the worst cases of Govt-19 infection in the world.

Our world has reported 2,740 deaths per one million people in South America since the deaths of patients with Govt-19 began to be recorded. There were 2,450 in the United States; In Europe, 2,000; And in Asia, 267.

The highest number of daily deaths throughout the epidemic occurred in South America, with an average of 10.85 per million people in April this year.

However, the subcontinent ends up with a good data set for 2021: it is the one with the most vaccines against the corona virus. 63.4% of its population was completely vaccinated (One or two doses equivalent to each drug) and 74.3% of its 434 million people had at least one dose, according to official figures released by the Pan American Health Organization as of Thursday, June 23.

In addition, from December 17 to 23, it had an average of 0.7 deaths per million people per day, which is six times less than in Europe or the United States, according to data from our world.

Europe is the second region with 60.5% fully vaccinated, while an additional 4.2% of the population is partially vaccinated.

North America is in third place 59.6% of the 500 million people in Mexico, the United States and Canada are fully processed; As of Thursday, December 23, at least one dose was 71.4%.

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Caribbean 43% complete vaccination and 49% recorded at least one dose; And Central America, 42% and 54%, respectively.

Across the U.S., 59.7% of vaccines are two doses (or single doses), 70.8% are at least one dose and 10.6% are booster doses.

Oceania injects 58% of its population in two doses and 55% in Asia. The last is Africa, where 8.8% of the population is fully vaccinated.

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The best of the best

The country with the best vaccination status in South America In Chile, 85.6% of the population received full guidance. There, children under the age of 3 can receive injections.

They are followed by Uruguay (76.6%), Argentina (76.5%), Ecuador (69.1%) and Brazil (65.7%).

At worst Guyana, Bolivia and Suriname make up less than 40%.

Third levels

Although two South American countries – Chile and Uruguay – recorded high levels of booster vaccination (52.7% and 42.7%, respectively), the average for the subcontinent was significantly lower (8.8%).

Europe with the highest number of booster doses used (21.5%).

In North America, 13.4% of the population received a booster dose.

Oceania (5%) and Asia (4%) are the regions where the lower third dose is administered, with the exception of Africa, where the use of the third dose is somewhat lower.