October 7, 2022


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Guterres called for the implementation of the peace treaty in Colombia

Guterres, who is visiting the country to commemorate the peace deal, toured the former regional site for training and restoration of Lano Gronde in the municipality of Tabiba, Antioch.

He visited the place with state President Ivan Duke, and also met with Communist Party leader Rodrigo Landono and Bishop Aleppo, a representative of the National Council for Reconciliation by that political force.

I am very pleased to be in Lano Grande and have witnessed first-hand the achievements of peace, said Guterres.

He expressed his satisfaction when he noted the impact of the Colombian People’s Army (FARC-EP)’s defunct Revolutionary Armed Forces and the measures taken to implement the historic agreement signed in 2016 by the government of Juan Manuel Santos on behalf of the state.

“I appreciate the opportunity to hear from communities, Native officials and members of government who know better than anyone that peace does not come from one day to the next and that it is difficult to build, maintain and sustain,” Guterres said. .

Likewise, he celebrated the determination and commitment of ex-combatants in the region historically affected by the armed conflict, as well as in other places where day-to-day betting builds, creating a Colombia of peace.

He congratulated the people of the area on the support of the government and the international community for the productive projects that are progressing beyond difficulties.

I acknowledge their enthusiasm and commitment, and the UN Secretary-General stressed the need to redouble efforts to ensure the sustainability of projects with technology and funding, land and housing.

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“I welcome the provision of land by the government and I hope it will be extended to all areas of the restructuring. Land is essential to achieve a sustainable process and gives peace of mind to those who are reunited,” he stressed.

During his first visit after the Govt-19 epidemic, he stressed that land and rural development and even women would be given priority in the peace agreement.

At this point, he made an assessment and balance of the progress and challenges of the reconstruction recognized by the United Nations support for the peace process in Colombia.