September 30, 2022

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Guterres reviews the achievements of the peace treaty in Colombia

Bukaramanga, Colombia (AP) – UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres paid an official visit to Colombia on Tuesday to review the progress of the peace agreement signed by government and revolutionary armed forces five years ago. Colombia (FARC).

“I am very pleased to be in Lano Grande and have witnessed the achievements of peace in person,” said Guterres, from Antioch, a former regional training and rehabilitation site where a group of ex-combatants lived after handing over their weapons. It operates a production clothing project currently known as “Threads of Peace”.

“This agreement has the business of changing the root causes of the conflict, so it is important to implement it and succeed in the regions,” he said, after visiting the facilities of the textile company and talking to its workers and residents. And ex-combatants.

The Colombian government and the international community have approved more than 3,200 projects for ex-combatants to earn legal income by working in coffee, livestock, textile and aquaculture companies.

“We need to redouble our efforts to guarantee the sustainability of projects,” said Goodres, who provided technical and financial support.

Colombian President Evan Duke, as a guest, highlighted the change he had made in a place of restoration, which he called public policy, “reflecting his government’s desire to legally build peace.” Contracts.

“We must build peace by legitimizing jobs, actions, closing gaps, defeating crime, and sowing a culture of peace from an early age,” Duck said at the official annual ceremony.

Guterres celebrated the determination of ex-combatants to remain in the law – more than 12,900, according to the government – which means that despite the security threats, a few hundred signatories are leaving in small numbers.

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In its latest quarterly report, the UN Verification Mission drew attention to the continuing violence in areas prioritized for the implementation of the peace agreement, resulting in the killing of 292 ex-combatants since 2016.

The mission has carried out the entire peace process, verifying the ceasefire and reintegration of ex-combatants into social and economic life, alternative schemes for illegal crops, compensation for victims and the activities of the organization. Court, Truth Commission and Missing Persons Division.

“Peace in Colombia includes peace in the regions and I urge you to take advantage of this historic opportunity to make the desire for peace a reality, and you can count on the firm support of the United Nations for your work,” Guterres concluded from Abbottado. , A city historically affected by the conflict, recognizes the “generosity” of the victims and the commitment of the ex-guerrillas.

The FARC has been responsible for thousands of kidnappings, assassinations and terrorist attacks for five decades. Currently, they are appearing in a peace court, promising to tell the truth and repay the victims of their crimes in exchange for not imprisoning them, however, the court may impose detention measures and up to 20 years in prison in the case. Determines that they are not fully compliant.