September 30, 2022

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Haiti is waiting for a new leader and begins the official fight for Moss

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) – Haitians will begin a series of official ceremonies on Tuesday as they wait for a new president.

Since dawn, Moses’ body has been lying in a burning church set up at the National Pantheon Museum in the capital, Port-au-Prince, officials said. The former president was shot several times during the July 7 attacks, in which his wife was seriously injured.

The events take place as Prime Minister Ariel Henry prepares to replace interim Claude Joseph, who took over as head of state after the assassination with the support of the police and military.

It was not immediately clear when Henry would take office, but in an audio recording he promised to announce soon the names of members of an interim government that would run the country until the election.

“We need this union to deal with the many challenges that surround us,” Henry said. “Some have watched the recent events with surprise, while others have wondered about the country’s administration.”

Henry said he met with many unidentified stakeholders and members of civil society and the private sector. “I want to continue and deepen these discussions because this is the only way to reunite the Haitian family,” he declared.

Haitian election minister Matthias Pierre told The Associated Press on Monday that Joseph would resign and leave the job for Henry, who was appointed by Mosul shortly before the assassination, but had not yet taken office.

The political change came after a group of leading international diplomats called on Henry to form a “unanimous and inclusive government” in a statement issued on Saturday. The so-called Core Group is made up of ambassadors from Germany, Brazil, Canada, Spain, the United States, France and the European Union, as well as representatives from the United Nations and the United Nations.

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Robert Fotton, a Haitian political expert at the University of Virginia, said Joseph’s exit was predictable.

“Joseph’s fate was closed over the weekend,” he said. “Everything that happens in Haiti has a powerful external element.”

UN On Monday, Joseph and Henry said they had made significant progress in ending the siege and supported a dialogue to find a “minimum consensus” for fair presidential and legislative elections.

Authorities have arrested more than 20 suspects who are said to be directly involved in the murder. Most of them are former Colombian soldiers, and many of them have been deceived, officials say.