October 4, 2022


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Haiti’s first lady returns ten days after the massacre

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PORT-AU-PRINCE (Sputnik) – The first lady Martin Moyes returned to Haiti on July 17, 10 days after the attack on the presidential palace that killed President Jovnell Moyes, in which he was injured.

“First Lady Martin Moyes has arrived in Haiti as part of preparations for President Joanel Moyes’ national funeral,” government spokeswoman Friends Xantas confirmed.

Dressed in black as a sign of mourning, Martin arrived at the Louvre International Airport with protective clothing, a strong police presence and a sling in his right hand.

He was welcomed by Acting Prime Minister Claude Joseph, who was the country’s leader after the July 7 assassination.

After the events, Martin was confirmed with multiple gunshot wounds at a medical center in the capital and later transferred to Miami, where he underwent surgery.

Haiti’s former first lady has been released from a hospital in the United States
The government announced the funeral of the head of state It will take place on July 23rd Cape Haiti, the second largest city in the country, is very close to Moisin’s birthplace.

In the capital they will pay tribute at the National Museum of Haitian Pantheon, with other tributes scheduled for next week.

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In recent days, demonstrations of solidarity with the president’s family have escalated, with thousands of people on Friday, July 16th They marched through the streets The communities of True to Nord and Port de Pike, north of Haiti, are demanding justice from the authorities.

They also paid tribute in various parts of the capital, Port-au-Prince.