October 4, 2022


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Haiti’s prime minister has remained silent in the face of Senate opposition since the assassination

(EFE) .- Claude Joseph, the caretaker Prime Minister of Haiti, later became the country’s commander-in-chief Assassination of President Joanel Moss, Was quiet before his challenge to the Senate this Saturday and his move to release him and invest the Speaker of the Upper House as interim head of state.

Executive sources told Efe that the government was not expecting comments in the next few days on the resolution announcing Senate President Joseph Lambert as head of Haiti.

Lambert was supposed to take the next stage of his pulse to the government this Saturday and take office before his colleagues, but the inauguration ceremony was postponed “at the request of the senators” because he himself told EFF on Twitter. Without indicating a replacement date.

Of the eight senators who approved the resolution in support of their president on Friday, only two appeared at the investment ceremony, according to local media, one of whom was Lambert.

The President of the Senate promised that “all” senators should “actively participate in the appointment.”

Lambert will take the next stage of his struggle for government this Saturday in front of his colleagues, but the inauguration ceremony has been postponed.

Of those eight senators, out of the ten who make up the hemisphere, Claude Joseph had no right to lead the government, according to an order signed by Moss two days before his death, in which he was appointed to the post of Ariel Henry. Chief Minister.

However, since this last rival, the United Nations and the United States, have expressed their support for Joseph, he has not returned to claim the country’s leadership, and he has the support of the police and the military.

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After all, Joseph is running the country, a murder committed under his authority with Colombian President Ivan Duke, and the country’s police must cooperate in the investigation into the assassination.

The Colombian police team arrived this Saturday, a nation they share 26 of the 28 mercenaries (Two other Haitian Americans) are said to have shot Moses at his home early Wednesday morning.

This is the first day of no progress in the arrests this Saturday, so 5 of the 28 suspects are still on the run, and 20 have been arrested. Three people were killed in the shooting With the police.

The U.S. government has also announced that it will send investigative teams from the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to Haiti to cooperate in the investigation.

The questionable creativity of the murder at the hands of the mercenaries was inspired by the appearance this Saturday Audio message The cause of the widow of the Haitian president was posted on his official Twitter account, in which he claims to be “alive” and, in addition, Martin Moss starts a political message.

The audio of the first lady has caused the reaction of the government, which confirmed that the voice heard on the recording was the voice of Martin Moss, who is being treated at a hospital in Miami, USA. Important but stable after the attack on his home.

In the audio, which lasts two minutes and 20 seconds, the voice calls her husband’s murdered “mercenaries” and points to the president’s desire to hold a referendum to ratify a new constitution, which is the motive for the assassination. Aimed at avoiding “change in the country”.

The first lady’s audio caused a government reaction, confirming that the voice heard on the record was Martin Moss’ voice.

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The popular consultation was initially scheduled for April, but a severe political and security crisis in Haiti led officials to postpone the final appointment until next September’s elections.

The protests against the president, organized by his political opponents, have been going on since 2018, and to reduce tensions with the opposition, Moss appointed Ariel Henry with the task of forming a consensus government, which was severed by the assassination.

Tensions were exacerbated by the ineffectiveness of the legislature, which postponed elections to the House of Representatives and two-thirds of the Senate due to political instability in the country. Led to the closure of the legislature.

In addition, gangs fighting for dominance in the slums of Port-au-Prince have spread terrorism among the population, with thousands of them fleeing their homes.

Now, after Moss’ assassination, there are many civilians They want to leave Haiti Fear of slippage that events can take.


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