October 4, 2022


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Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Colonel Bermdez attended the Eurasian Supreme Economic Council in Minsk, Belarus, on Thursday morning, where he considered cooperation to be a key verb, adding that our agenda is to deal with the Covit-19 epidemic that has plagued mankind for the past 100 years. .

The first secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party pointed out that when the Caribbean island intervened in these sessions for the third time since it was declared an observer state in December 2020 “Cuba knows the power of solidarity, the strength of solidarity, which is why we always bet on cooperation and partnership,” and reiterated our interest in implementing mechanisms to foster economic, trade, financial and cooperative relations.

We would like to share our results, especially in the fields of health and biotechnology, he said, adding that we are interested in progress. It is noteworthy that BioCubaFarma has documented proven efficacy and quality products within the Union, such as Hepbrod-B, Heberman, the active pharmaceutical ingredient in vaccines against Haemophilus influenzae type B and hepatitis B in Russia; Nimotuzumab and CIMAvax-EFG, in Kazakhstan; And EPOCIM, LeukoClM and Heberprot-P, in Belarus.

These first steps, confirmed by the head of state, fill us with confidence in the possibilities of establishing strategic alliances, with the support of the Union, allowing us to introduce our products on the basis of beneficial business models.

Accompanying the Cuban President were the Deputy Prime Minister, Ricardo Caprice Ruiz, Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Barilla, and Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment Minister Rodrigo Malmirca Diaz. Photo: Alexander Asqui

The President stressed that Cuba is best suited for drug distribution agreements, insertion in R&D centers and technology parks, and the establishment of mixed companies for the development, production and marketing of indigenous drugs. Eurasian Economic Union.

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We are optimistic about the potential for cooperation in areas such as energy, especially renewable resources. Among the priorities of the tourism sector, Díaz-Canel added, “It is a place of high potential for collaborative work. The recent experiences of the Russian Federation in this field confirm this.

We are ready to create favorable and attractive conditions for tourists from the member countries of the Union. From next November 15, when more than ninety percent of the Cuban population will be vaccinated, our borders will be gradually opened and hygienic health protocols will be made more flexible.

The Cuban president also noted the food production: “Exchanges between the major agro-food companies of the member states and Cuba will help us move faster.”


Theos-Colonel announced that the session of the Joint Commission for Cooperation with the Eurasian Economic Commission will be held in Havana from November 4 to 7, where cooperation between the Union and our country will be allowed to intensify and formalize the implementation of the Joint Action Plan, both at the official level and in business circles.

Cuba welcomes the friendship of each member state of the Eurasian Economic Union and reaffirms our desire to further enhance our bilateral relations in areas of common interest and to work with you to strengthen this integration, the President said.

Accompanying the Cuban President were the Deputy Prime Minister, Ricardo Caprice Ruiz, Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Barilla, and Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment Minister Rodrigo Malmirca Diaz.

The Supreme Eurasian Economic Council is the supreme body of the Union, with the leaders of its member states: Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia; Uzbekistan, Moldova and Cuba have the status of observer countries, which may attend meetings and access authorized documents, but do not participate in decision-making.

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In the Council, strategies, directions and perspectives for integration are determined and decisions are made aimed at achieving the objectives of the Union. During Thursday’s session, topics such as the common oil and gas market, digital development, the integrated system of tariffs, the conversion of imports and the use of national currencies were on the agenda.

In addition, the development of cross-border transportation, cooperation in the field of agriculture, harmonization of standards for environmental maintenance and job creation were addressed.

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