September 25, 2022

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Hezbollah promises to respond to future Israeli attacks

The Lebanese group leader said a day after his supporters launched a series of missiles into Israel that Hezbollah guerrillas would retaliate against future Israeli airstrikes against Lebanon.

Hassan Nasrallah said it was wrong to assume that Hezbollah would be limited by Lebanon’s internal divisions or the country’s severe economic crisis.

Nasrallah said his group would retaliate against Israeli attacks in southern Lebanon a day after it fired missiles at Israel.

Israeli airstrikes in the first years were carried out on Thursday, in retaliation for mysterious missiles fired Wednesday at Israel from Lebanon.

Friday’s bombings marked the third day of an attack on the turbulent border with Lebanon, a key point in the Middle East where there are occasional tensions between Israel and Iran, which support Hezbollah.

Israel and Hezbollah have been arch-enemies and have waged many wars in the past, last ending in August 2006. 34 days of conflict ended. Players.

“Don’t misjudge that Hezbollah is busy with Lebanon’s troubles,” Nasrallah said, adding that the bombing was a clear message.

Hezbollah fired 20 missiles into the open as Israeli strikes hit open ground on Thursday.

Lebanon is facing the worst economic and financial crisis in its modern history, which the World Bank describes as one of the worst in the world since the mid-19th century.

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