October 7, 2022


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Hizbulah and Hamas evaluate the latest events in Palestine

Beirut.- El secretary general de Hizbulah de Líbano, Hassan Nasrallah, received hoy al jefe adjunto del Buró Político del Movimiento de Resistencia Islámica (Hamas), Sheikh Saleh Al-Arouri, to address the cause of Palestine.

Both leaders evaluated the recent attacks and crimes of the occupation forces of Israel on the Gaza Strip, Cisjordania and Jerusalem. In the meeting, Nasrallah and the delegation of Hamas also reviewed the possible outcome of the situation in the region in light of the latest developments in Palestine and Lebanon.

During this week, the head of the Lebanese Resistance also met with the Secretary General of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine, Ziad Al-Nakhala.

The highest figure of Hizbullah and Al-Nakhala analyzed the battle that took place against the Israeli occupation in the past days at the field, political and media level.

Estas meetings suceden semanas después de la aggression launched by Tel Aviv in the Gaza Strip, which left 49 martyrs and at least 360 injured.

Al celebrar el quadragésimo aniversario de fundación de Hizbulah, Nasrallah, emphaizó las posiciones de solidarity de la Resistencia con los pueblos árabes y puntulizó estar listos para asumir las consecuencias «because this is a correct position». (PL)

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