September 30, 2022

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How did the Alpha-DCP ensure its commitment to the integration and unity of the region? (+ Video) ›World› Granma

The member states of the Alliance for the Peoples of our US-People’s Trade Agreement (Alpha-TCP) renewed their commitment to strengthening the co-ordination and unity of the regional camp in the face of threats to the stability of the region.

At the end of the XIX summit of heads of state and alpha-dcb government in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, the organization’s officials reaffirmed their commitment to Latin American and Caribbean integration, which allows them to confront the claims of imperialism and growing threats to domination and regional peace and stability; In accordance with the Latin American Declaration of Peace, in accordance with the objectives and principles of the Charter of the United Nations and International Law.

The final declaration of the summit highlights the need to strengthen the community of Latin American and Caribbean nations (Selak) as the real mechanism for a political agreement uniting the 33 states of our United States on the principle of unity in diversity.

On the other hand, the regional camp welcomed the return of constitutional order in the multiracial state of Bolivia and the opening of a national reconciliation process based on justice, the right to self-determination and democracy. “We are pleased that he returned to the formal regional forums for political agreement and cooperation in pursuing the well-being and development of our people,” the agreement said.

Similarly, the Alpha-DCP highlighted the efforts and initiatives of President Louis Ars Cadagora both domestically and internationally, moving towards economic restructuring, including financial and debt relief and effective management of the epidemic.

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The regional camp also welcomed the establishment of the new National Assembly of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, which was formed with full compliance with institutions and peace, and endorsed the unconditional support of the Santinista government, President Daniel Ortega Chavezra and the people of Nicaragua. Its decision to safeguard sovereignty, peace and significant social, economic, security and national unity advances.

In this sense, high-ranking officials condemned the attacks on the legitimate government of Nicaragua in the United States and repeatedly attempted to destabilize, promote unilateral coercion and attempt to interfere in the internal affairs of the South American nation.

On the other hand, the community camp Alpha-DCP celebrated and supported democratic forces in government electoral processes in the region and in efforts to achieve gender equality and the elimination of discrimination against indigenous peoples.

We acknowledge the right of Fair Caribbean countries to receive fair, specialized and different treatment. We reaffirm our unconditional and necessary support to protect and promote their legitimate claims and compensation. We strongly condemn any action taken against the Gericom Brothers, which are considered to be non-cooperative jurisdictions, “said the concluding agreement of the XIX Alpha-TCP Summit.
In the health sector, the camp acknowledged the commitment of the alpha-dcp countries to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and the extraordinary efforts of health workers to tackle the health crisis, especially the work carried out in the front line by the Henry Reeve Group of the Republic of Cuba, as well as the growth and development of five vaccine candidates. It is a symbol of sovereignty and unity. ”

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In turn, they rejected the discredited campaign promoted by the US government against Cuban medical cooperation, which is an attack on the current context of the global health crisis and is particularly immoral.

Meanwhile, member states have called for the removal of barriers to access and distribution of vaccines against SARS-COV-2, including unilateral coercion, preventing, restricting or increasing access to them.

Supply XVIII Alpha-DCP State Heads and the introduction of the Alpha-DCP Vaccine Bank agreed upon at the Government Summit and the Medical Bank to help improve access to medical supplies, rapid testing and PCR testing. In all the countries of the Alliance ”, underscores the commitment.

On the other hand, the Coalition, which has condemned the US government’s economic, trade and financial blockade of Cuba and the more than 240 unilateral coercive measures adopted by Trump, has kept the current government intact and has suffered losses of $ 17 billion over the past five years.

He also rejected the actions of Louis Almacro, Secretary-General of the United Nations Organization (OAS), who has led the organization through an endless stupid path, justifying acts of violence, interference in internal affairs and violating constitutional order in countries in the region.

Finally, Dawn agreed to promote the growth of the complementary economic zone alpha-petrocarib as a real model of production and technological development based on the values ​​of the Alliance and the principles of the People’s Trade Agreement.