January 20, 2021

ID News Online – Union Strategies Lands Canadian Allied Professional Union (CAPU)


Las Vegas, NV / Access / January 12, 2021 / Information Technology, Internet Security, Telecommunications and Union Services DLT Resolution, Inc. ).

Union Strategies works closely with the Canadian Alliance of Professionals to raise awareness of who these locals are, what they are working for, and who they represent. Union Strategies Inc. Includes all local media, making it easy for locals to market themselves to various job fields within the country. The USI is involved in creating an awareness campaign to get all eyes on CAPU.
About the Canadian Alliance Professional Association (CAPU)

The CAPU is a union dedicated to advocating for fair wages, safer workplaces and better working conditions. This refers to local office professionals, health workers and manufacturing staff. Day by day, it is taking the Union world by storm with the determination to achieve better, safer and more secure working conditions. CAPU President, Frank Barton, is committed to ensuring that all workers work in the best possible working environment.

In addition, CAPU works closely with office professionals, health workers, manufacturing staff and includes security services, building services, home maintenance and more. There really isn’t any sector that doesn’t include this union.

  • Office Professionals – We advocate for office professionals because we truly understand the significant work that management professionals can do to sustain the operations of large companies.
  • Health Professionals – Now more than ever, we are truly fighting for our health workers, especially among the COVID-19 epidemics. Health workers work around the clock to ensure we are safe, and make the most of these effort times. This is why we recognize the value of their work and truly prioritize them.
  • Manufacturing Professionals – The manufacturing industry is constantly evolving from technological advancement to everything in between. We make these changes by working closely with our members to achieve better job security and safer working conditions.
  • Building Services – We always ensure that builders are provided with a fair and safe work environment. Like the production experts, we work closely with this team to ensure that working conditions are as safe as possible.
  • Security Services – CAPU again works closely with security workers, providing a healthy work environment for all security workers – especially during COVID-19 epidemics.
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CAPU (Canadian Alliance Professional Association) is a sustainable emerging union with many years of experience in assisting professionals from a wide variety of industries to achieve excellent working conditions. Frank Barton, President of the CAPU, is a member – and believes that this local strength can be enhanced through joint action and solidarity. “We not only work for our members, we work with our members” – Frank Barton, CAPU. To learn more about CAPU, please visit them Website.

Union Strategies Inc. About (USI)
USI has been providing a product and services to unions for over 10 years. The company designs, develops, and implements projects that are highly successful for the unions. Programs are designed to involve members, reduce costs, and save time for the manufacturing business. The company’s package includes telecommunications, event management, professional writing, social media management, web design, graphic services and advertising offers. The company is a one-stop shop for everything. The company has more than 130 customers, which is considered the “central market” based on the specific local aggregate with 550,000 members. USI operates nationally in Canada and is expected to expand in the United States by 2021. Learn more: UnionStrategiesinc.com.

About DLT Resolution Inc.
DLT Resolution Inc. Currently operates in three high-tech industry segments: Blockchain Applications & Cyber ​​Security; Remote control; And data services including image capture, data collection, data telephone hub services and tariff processing. Its customers represent some of the best businesses in various fields. DLT resolution enables invoices, ledgers, reports, applications, surveys, employee and customer reward schemes, and a wide range of other non-core functions to benefit from data management. The DLT resolution also enables the exchange of health information, which provides the ability to request and retrieve medical information and records while meeting all of today’s security and compliance requests for HIPAA, PIPEDA and PHIPA. Through Records Bank, the company makes it easy for patients, lawyers and insurers to use the online gateway to its centralized system for retrieving and accessing medical records. Learn more: DLTResolution.com.

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