October 6, 2022


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If you are vaccinated, remember that there is no one by your side. ›Cuba ran Granma

“It should be noted that vaccines work, but they need time, and above all, we help them. They work for the intended purpose, which is to reduce the risk of developing severe forms of disease or death. Remember, the vaccine does not protect you 100% from being infected with the virus, and you can pass it on without symptoms, and the person will be exposed to some of the vulnerabilities, so severe or severe COVID-19 can lead to death, ”Cuba’s public health minister, Dr. Jose Angel Portal Miranda, said this Saturday. Wrote on Facebook.

With the shocking news, with the description of the moment when the country is experiencing “the most complex epidemic situation since the onset of the Govt-19 epidemic with the spread of the virus”, Portal Miranda pointed out – vaccination is the best strategy, but at the same time the use of nasopharynx, physical space and ventilation Hygiene-sanitary measures such as intensive hygiene of surfaces are already maintained.

“Above all remember that our children are not starting to be vaccinated, so they are significantly at risk,” the doctor wrote, noting that he had traveled around a good part of the country, pointing out key measures that allowed territories in more complex situations. , To overcome them.

As of August 18, 4,889,081 people in our country have received at least one dose of Sophirana 02, Sopherana Plus and Abdala. Of these, 3,085,785 have already been given a third dose, he stressed, as well as the “Titanic effort” of women and science men and health workers.

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“They have played a huge role, and now it is our turn from citizens’ responsibility to celebrate the success of our three vaccines, and to contribute with discipline to flatten that epidemic curve that is hurting every Cuban family today,” the minister said from the Finlay Vaccine Agency, the Cuban regulatory agency, state pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and devices. He also highlighted authorization for use in emergencies issued by the Control Center (CECMET), Soperana 02 and Soberana Plus vaccines.

“With this decision, Cuba already has three immunogens of proven quality, safety and efficacy in the arsenal of anti-Govt. The health system will have more sovereignty to vaccinate the Cuban people, which we want to be fully vaccinated by the end of 2021, ”he said.

The Cuban strategy for the development, introduction and expansion of Cuban vaccines includes clinical trials, studies in risk groups, health intervention, and the stages we face today from emergencies to mass vaccination. Use Abdala’s authorization on July 9; Now Soperana 02 and Soberana Plus.