October 4, 2022


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In Mandela’s legacy, the UN

United Nations, July 18 (Prinza Latina) UN. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres highlighted today that the life and traditions of Nelson Mandela are an example to inspire and follow, even in the midst of difficult circumstances like the present.

Guided by that leader, he said in a statement that each of us can make a difference in cultivating peace, human rights, harmony with nature and dignity for all.

In his message to Nelson Mandela International Day, the headline called for a reflection on the life and legacy of that eminent justice and human rights defender.

He also pointed out that while the world was threatened by social cohesion divisions, Mandela’s calls for unity and an end to racism were very relevant today.

Hate speech increases and misinformation obscures the truth, questions science and undermines democratic institutions because communities are increasingly polarized.

The ongoing Govt-19 epidemic is exacerbating these vulnerabilities and setting the stage for years of progress in the global fight against poverty, as warned by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

“As always in times of crisis, it is marginalized and discriminated against the most vulnerable, often blaming them for problems they do not cause.”

The health crisis demonstrated the importance of human solidarity and solidarity, the Portuguese ambassador said, adding that the South African leader had preserved values ​​for his lifelong struggle for justice.

“Every year on Madiba’s birthday, we pay our respects to this extraordinary man who embodies the lofty aspirations of the United Nations and the human family,” he said.

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In November 2009, the UN General Assembly declared July 18 as Nelson Mandela International Day in recognition of his contributions.

This resolution highlights their values ​​and commitment to serve humanity through their work in the fields of conflict resolution, reconciliation, promotion and protection of human rights, gender equality, children and other vulnerable groups.

He was very active in fostering poverty, inequality and social justice.

Since September 2018, the Mandela statue has welcomed visitors to the main building of the United Nations Headquarters in New York.