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In Mexico, the Venezuelan government and the opposition are negotiating again

In Mexico, the Venezuelan government and the opposition are negotiating again

2021-09-04 11:21:37 / Making radio

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The government and Venezuela’s opposition resumed a new round of talks in Mexico yesterday, with the immediate aim of establishing a schedule for regional elections in November. For the government, the issue of lifting international sanctions is a priority. The two groups met from 3:00 pm (10:00 pm CET) local time, according to sources close to the conversation schedule, which will last until Monday 6, with support from Norway and Mexico. Upon arrival at Mexico City Airport, the official delegation, led by National Assembly President George Rodriguez, announced that this phase of negotiations would begin “with deep anticipation.” “We have received instructions from President Nicolas Maduro to insist on the return of stolen economic guarantees from all the people of Venezuela in the first hours of the talks,” Rodriguez told the state-run Venezuela de Television (VTV).

India has announced that Russia will help transform the Arctic into a global trade route

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that despite the corona virus outbreak, Moscow and New Delhi have made significant progress in developing business ties. According to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, New Delhi plans to help develop the Russian North Sea route and turn it into an international trade artery. “India and Russia are partners in space exploration through the Kaganyan project. Russia and India will be partners in opening up international trade on the North Sea route,” Modi said in a video conference at the full session of the Eastern Economic Forum. , Held in the Russian city of Vladivostok.

El Salvador Supreme Court approves successive presidential re-election

The Constitutional Council of the Supreme Court of El Salvador (CSJ) has issued a ruling that allows the current president to run for re-election immediately, allowing Naib Bukhale to be re-elected in 2024. In the ruling, the judges ordered the Supreme Presidential Presidency (TSE) to “allow a person who holds the office of President and has not previously served as President to run for a second term.” In other words, if Buckeye had been president from 2014-2019, he would not have run for re-election for the 2024-2029 five-year term. The judges, appointed on May 1, dismissed constitutional judges in a process that was widely criticized, thus reversing the 2014 ruling and barring presidential re-election within the next 10 years of resignation. The Constitution of Salvador states that a candidate for the presidency cannot be a candidate who has been in office “immediately or continuously for more than six months in the previous term”. DW confirms what the judges said the 2014 interpretation was “wrong” and, in their opinion, the Constitution allows a citizen to be president for a maximum of 10 years. “The same article 152 1 only allows a maximum of 10 years to serve as president and, in fact, the 1983 Constituent Assembly must exercise those 10 years, if the people continue to decide,” he reads. He added: “It is illegal to promote the presidency or to promote re-election beyond 10 years, that is, beyond two terms.” Magistrates also indicated eligibility for immediate re-election, pointing out at the beginning of the next term that “a president running for a second term must apply for a license six months in advance.” That is, if Bukele is to run for president in 2024, he will have to apply for a license in December 2023 to respect the “ban on using his office to campaign.”

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Pope Francis laments epidemic loneliness and social “hypertension”

Pope Francis today lamented the effects of epidemic isolation and social “hypertension”, while saying it could be an opportunity for societies to create a better world. However, the epidemic could be “an opportunity to promote a better policy, without which we cannot create a global community that can achieve brotherhood from people and nations living in social harmony,” said an observer with leaders at the La Boyx Foundation. Similarly, he noted that in the midst of many political and environmental crises, such as famine, the climate crisis and nuclear weapons, the social and political commitment to peace was “neither too urgent nor too urgent.” Unfortunately the environmental crisis situations exacerbated by the epidemic can, first and foremost, lead to intermittent positions and then more firm acceptance of responsibilities in the whole community. Furthermore, Francisco “promotes the culture of the face, which emphasizes the dignity of the person, the respect and attention of their history, especially if it is hurt and marginalized”, “the culture of meeting, in which we listen and welcome our brothers.”

About 40% of shark species are endangered

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) announced on Saturday (09.04.2021) that 37% of all species of sharks and rats are at risk of extinction, warning of the danger of hoarding the world’s largest lizard, Komodo. Dragon. The IUCN Red List lists the planet’s biodiversity health since 1964, acting as a warning to governments responsible for environmental wealth and as a guide for NGOs to protect it. The Komodo dragon is the largest lizard in the world and weighs 3 meters and weighs 90 kg. But only about 1,400 individuals live off the coast of Indonesia. In the case of sharks, more than 440 species are known and a large area is already endangered. Some specimens of the organism ceased to be discovered many years ago. Another species on the red list, the tuna, offers the best opportunities, and of the seven fish species, four of them have increased stock. Bluffin tuna went directly from “endangered” species to “minimal concern”, an improvement of three species. “These ratings are proof that sustainable fishing has long-term benefits,” said Bruce Colette, chairman of the IUCN Tuna Group. The IUCN Red List also updated the number of plant and animal species. Of the 138,374 classified species on the planet, 38,543 species are endangered, or 28%.

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New Zealand recorded the first COVID-19 death in six months

New Zealand has recorded its first death from COVID-19 today in more than six months, according to the Ministry of Health, which has been trying to eradicate the disease since mid-August. Prime Minister Jacinta Artern expressed condolences to the 90-year-old for her health problems of suffocation or inability to receive intensive care, and stressed the importance of these first death measures after February 16 as a “sad reminder”. Control. On August 17, the New Zealand government controlled more than 5 million people in Auckland after discovering a social outbreak in the city. Activities eased two weeks later, with the exception of Auckland, which is defined as the epicenter of the current eruption. This Saturday, 20 new infections were diagnosed, confirming the downward trend in recent days. New Zealand, one of the developed countries with the slowest vaccination rate, is globally recognized for effectively managing the epidemic, covering its borders and covering difficult and early prisons. Since the outbreak, the seafaring country has reported 3,392 cases and 27 deaths from COVID-19.