July 2, 2022


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Caracas, Venezuela – The Bolivarian Alliance-People’s Trade Agreement (ALBA-TCP) for the People of our United States (ALBA-TCP) is a major step towards the unity of Latin America and the Caribbean, the subject of the XX Summit of the Coordinating Base of Cuba’s Ambassador to Cuba, Tacoperto Rodriguez Pereira.

“What the ALBA has done in 17 years is very relevant, and the way in which Venezuela, Cuba and other countries, members or not, have cooperated at the most recent stage, will set a precedent for facing the greatest challenges together today. The only way to succeed is to work together in situations like this.”

While transnational pharmaceutical companies make a profit from their vaccines and make them available to high-priced buyers, Cuba is doing its best to prevent epidemics on its soil and in its southern sister countries, even though there is no evidence to obtain them in poorer countries. . Exports of 12,000,000 doses of Cuban immunogens agreed with the Venezuelan government will be completed soon; We are working to transfer the technology of our vaccines to this country and to produce what is needed for it here in the future.

– At what point will the XX ALBA Summit be held?

– In one of the most complex. The goods and materials required for our countries are more expensive; The epidemic is affecting our Caribbean economies, which depend on tourism. This is another challenge for ALBA that has united us to find solutions to our problems, help us and move forward in the face of challenges.

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“Unity reaffirms its value when imperialist opportunism becomes more apparent; In more than 240 operations against Cuba in recent times, 60 have been used by the United States. uu In the most severe moments of infection; He believed the moment had come for the final attack.

It continued through European countries and other regions, and against Venezuela, as sanctions were imposed. More deserving, therefore, advanced; As President Diaz-Connell said: They were thrown to kill us, but we are alive, together, creating dreams. The hostility against Venezuela and Cuba is part of the plan of imperialist domination for the continent, beyond the countries that built the revolutionary processes.

– Do you think other peoples in Latin America and the Caribbean feel this danger?

– Clarity. The growth, struggle and conquest of the left in many countries in recent times have, after a point, turned momentarily again, as a result of the imperialist onslaught. The elections in Honduras, after what happened in 2009, are now seeing results that are unimaginable through a conspiracy against Zelaya. The same thing happened before Bolivia, and in a year people were able to change it (in a referendum). There are interesting situations in Chile and Brazil; People oppose, they fight, they know another plan that puts man at the center of achievements, for the well-being of those who live in our countries. This plan has nothing to do with imperialist demand.

– Perhaps it is by those essences that Alpha has enemies.

– but has developed alpha antibodies. The challenge is enormous; Born with Bolivar and Marty, with the guidance of a dream come true with Fidel and Chavez, we must proceed with all our might.

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