October 4, 2022


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India warns of new mutation of corona virus “Delta Plus”

The Indian Ministry of Health has classified the new corona virus mutation ‘Delta Plus’ as a “variant of anxiety”.‘, They are currently being found in a series of genetic samples from the states of Maharashtra (Ratnagiri and Jalgaon districts), Kerala (Palakkad and Pathanamthitta districts), and Madhya Pradesh (Bhopal and Sivpuri districts), and assessments of the risks posed by this mutation since this Tuesday.

According to experts at the Indian SARS-CoV-2 Genome Sequencing Consortium (INSACOG), developed by the Ministry of Health to study the genes of the corona virus, the mutation ‘Delta Plus’ high exchangeability, high binding to lung cell receptors and its reduction in response to monoclonal antibodies are among its key characteristics.

Recommended response measures for the new strain are not far from those already in place in the country, and include immediate control of affected areas, prevention of aggregation, increased testing for Govt-19, surveillance of infections, and population vaccination.

Delta still dominates India, It is considered to be the main factor for the second wave of epidemic in the country It is rated “anxiety variant” by the World Health Organization.

Based on data from the GISAID mutation screening database for SARS-CoV-2, Delta has been found in 77 countries, United Kingdom (52,171), India (6,656), United States (3,256), Singapore (823), Germany (749), Canada (743), Spain (429), Belgium (363) and Russia (311).

WHO assures existing vaccines against corona virus delta strain

WHO. Photo: AFP

Existing corona virus vaccines work against delta variation, As Maria van Kerkov, epidemiologist at the World Health Organization (WHO) responsible for managing the epidemic, told a news conference this Monday.

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“Vaccines can be effective in preventing hospitalization and death against all types, including delta, but it takes two doses to fully protect. We see less performance with a single dose, ”the senior official stressed, recalling that the delta strain is spreading very quickly.

Despite the different efficiencies shown by different drugs against certain types, Van Kerkov stressed that the existing components would “continue to be very effective” and that “the most important thing is to avoid spreading”. However, he warned, “there may be a galaxy of variations against it.” [las vacunas] Stop working “.

A variant of the corona virus P1.617.2, known as Delta, was first registered in India in October last year and has already been detected in more than 80 countries, the international organization announced last week. In addition, this Sunday the Asian company ‘Delta Plus’ registered the first cases of a new strain, which is the new mutation of the highly contagious delta.

Brazil transcends 18 million epidemics

COVID-19 in Brazil: Photo: DW.

After adding 87,822 new confirmed cases in the last 24 hours, Brazil on Tuesday surpassed 18 million victims of the Covit-19 disease., According to the latest bulletin of the National Council of Health Secretaries (GONAS), which unites the regional secretariats of the 27 states of the country.

Since the first infection was confirmed, in February 2020, The South American company has already calculated 18,054,653 positive diagnoses of the disease.

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