September 29, 2022

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Indonesian Elections Parliamentarians in Líbano | Noticias

The Lbano celebrity is the first prime electorate of Parliament in 2019 on social media.


Libanesses en el exterior asisten comicios legislativos

Los comicos parlimentarios inciaron las 07H00 with apertura de los centros in votación 15 distritos electorales.

The creditor of 3.9 millones of libaneses is the best of the best, which serves the 19H00 hora local and chooses results in the best of all lunes.

There are a total of 718 candidates, of whom 157 are Mujer, who presents these elections for the algorithm of 128 parliaments in Parliament.

Celebrate the ultimate elegance of the 2018 firefighting songs of the Hezbollah chiita Hezbollah alienza with the president of the parliament, Nabih Berri, and the president, Michel Aoun.

Adamos de escoger a los nuvos representation of Parliament, los electores libanes tambiin elegirin al remplaseante president Michel Aoun, coyo mandato final October 31.

Se espera which is the proximo parliamentary vote sofor reformas demoras and requests for the Fondo Monetario Internacional to desbloquier the apoi financiro al pais robe.

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