July 2, 2022


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Is the nasal sample sufficient to detect the corona virus?

(Reuters) – The Omicron variant of the corona virus It’s up to us to do quick antigen tests at home to find out if we have Covit-19, but should we rub our throat and nose? For now, the orientation depends on where you live.

Some scientists have said that When an infection occurs in the throat and saliva, the virus spreads Omigran before reaching the nose., So it can not be detected by wiping the nose at the beginning of the infection.

A small study recently conducted in the United States supported that idea. PCR tests of the saliva of 29 people infected with Omigran, antigen tests or lateral flow calls revealed that the virus samples were positive three days ago on average.

In general, rapid tests are less sensitive than laboratory-activated PCR tests, meaning they produce more false positives.

If the result is positive, it is definitely Covid-19, which makes antigen testing a powerful tool to combat infection. The need for PCR testing due to Omigron is overwhelming the labs.

As a result of recent studies, some experts in the United States are now advising antigen testing users to clear their throats before wiping their noses.

All antigen tests licensed for emergency use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration use Nazi swabs, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has raised concerns about the safety of clearing the throat at home, urging users to follow the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s guidelines. Manufacturers.

In Israel, A senior health official said that self-examiners for Govit-19 should clear the throat in addition to the nose when using rapid antigen tests, despite the instructions given by the manufacturer.

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Like other countries United Kingdom Approved rapid antigen tests that take samples from the throat and nose or from the nose.

In GermanyThe health minister has said he will study the reliability of rapid antigen tests to detect the Omigron variant and publish a list of the most accurate products.

(Edited by Ricardo Figueroa in Spanish)

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