September 29, 2022

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Israel successfully tests its Arrow 3 anti-missile

Boaz Levy, head and CEO of Israel Aerospace Industries, the maker of Arrow 3, said the developments are mainly in the area of ​​algorithms that make it possible to detect incoming threats and calculate interceptor launch routes.

Once the target was detected by radars and the interceptor projects were completed, the two missiles were launched in different directions and successfully carried out their mission, the Ministry of Defense said in a statement.

The rocket was jointly developed by Israel and the United States and is now working on Arrow 4.

According to national media reports, the exercise follows recent ballistic missile tests by Iran.

Referring to the country, Defense Minister Benny Kants said that the success of Arrow 3 “comes from the understanding that Israel allows the freedom of offensive action against its adversaries, while the best defense allows the most effective offensive.”

Recently, Khan radio station revealed that the Israeli Air Force (IAF) will carry out a large-scale exercise in the spring to simulate attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities.

In 2021, the government, led by ultra-nationalist Naphtali Bennett, approved a national budget that would provide additional funding to finance the attack.

Three weeks ago, Tomer Bar, the next IAF commander to take office in April, took the bombing as an order, without specifying a date.

“I have to assume it will happen in my time (raid) and my shoulders already understand the weight of responsibility,” current IAF chief designer Yediot Aharonot told the newspaper.

Iranian officials have repeatedly promised that their plan is for peaceful purposes with the aim of generating electricity, and warned that they would retaliate if attacked.

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