September 30, 2022

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Jair Bolzano: Nine crimes against the far-right Brazilian president Brazil | Covit-19 NNDC | The world

President of , , Senate investigative committee goes through a difficult week hearing allegations that he was indicted. “Bad management“During this time .

In a final statement issued by the court on Tuesday, October 26, Bolzano was charged with nine offenses.

Infectious Brazil

Latin American country Corona virus infection kills more than 600,000 It is the second country with the highest number of deaths after that United States.

“[Es el] Mainly responsible for the mistakes made by the central government during epidemics ”, He points to the allegations against Bolzano, who has accused 77 others, including advisers, ministers and the president’s three children.

Nine “sins” by Jair Bolsanaro

Bolsanaro’s behavior attracted the attention of the world for his stance against isolation, social isolation, the use of masks and the raising of suspicions. Vaccine.

Thus, the six-month-long investigation resulted in a long list of crimes. Such as:

  • Infectious disease causing death
  • Violation of preventive health measures
  • Incitement to crime
  • The personal document is a forgery
  • Quakery
  • Irregular use and anticipation of public resources
  • Responsible offenses
  • Crimes against humanity

From this, he may be removed until Congress begins a political investigation against Bolzano. Let’s go up International Criminal Court For crimes “Against Mankind”, These are found in Roman law and are valid in Brazilian countries.

What awaits Bolzano?

In the 1,289-page report the commission supporting his case did not have sufficient authority to prosecute Bolzano directly; However, who can do it is the Attorney General Augusto Aras, But it is not possible, because he is a friend of the president, in the past, he filed lawsuits against the head of state.

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In the same way, the move by Congress to oust Bolzano from office should go through the Speaker of the House of Representatives. Arthur Lira, Another ally of the president.

“This is a clown”

Jair Bolzano He was firm in his statements. “This is a clown,” he ruledOr in a recent interview with Joam Palm Station, according to EFE.

“There are those who believe we have a dictatorship here, I imprison journalists, I reduce freedom of expression, I kill people by epidemic, all of which affect people who want to invest in Brazil, and then do not invest. .He added.

To the Brazilian, the report “It simply came to our notice then”, He promises that it will damage his image in the international community. He also indicated that he was seeking to play against him 2022 Presidential Election, In which he hopes to be re-elected.

With information from CNN and EFE.

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