November 28, 2022

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Japón accude a las urnas conmocionado por magnicidio

Tokyo. The coalition that governs Japan won the elections to the Upper House of Parliament yesterday, two days after former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was assassinated during a campaign rally.

The assassination of the ex-director, who was shot on Friday, empañó the vote, but the prime minister and successor of Abe, Fumio Kishida, insisted that the commotion will not stop the democratic process.

Abe’s body arrived in Tokyo on Saturday from the western region where he was shot.

El asesinato conmocionó al archipiélago and la comunidad internacional, que envió una multitude of condolencias y condenas al crimen, including from countries with los que Abe tenía vínculos tosos, como China y Corea del South.

The man accused of his murder, Tetsuya Yamagami, 41 years old, is in custody and declared to the investigators that he attacked Abe because he believed that the politician was linked to an organization that was not identified.

The local press described this entity as a religious organization and said that the Yamagami family had suffered financial problems as a consequence of his mother’s donations to the group.

According to reports, the suspect visited the region of Okayama on Thursday, with the intention of assassinating Abe in another act, but turned back due to the fact that the participants had to sign up with names and addresses.

Abe made a campaign speech in the western region of Nara to support a PLD candidate when the suspect shot him.

The security in the electoral colleges was the usual, but Takao Sueki, a voter of 79 years, affirmed that he exercises the suffrage with the international instability in his mind, including the Russian invasion against Ukraine.

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“Al ver la situación del mundo ahora, pienso cada día cómo Japón va a manejar esta situación”, he explained.

On Saturday, the police admitted that there were failures in Abe’s security system and promised an exhaustive investigation.

“I think it’s undeniable that problems exist with measures of protection and security,” said Tomoaki Onizuka, chief of police in Nara prefecture.

El alto mando added to his tears that since he became an agent in 1995, he had never had “un remorse as bitter and unrepentance as great as this”.

Un velorio public y un funeral privado

El despacho de Abe informed that a wake will take place on Monday night and that on Tuesday only his family and close friends will attend a sober funeral.

The local press reported that both events are expected to be celebrated in Zojoji Temple, Tokyo.

The ruling party, the Partido Liberal Democrático (PLD), to which Abe and his allies from the Komeito party belonged, will get 75 of the 125 seats in the Upper House, according to a projection from the state chain. NHK. The index of participation was 52%.

Even before the assassination that shocked the country, the LDP and Komeito were on the way to cement their majority.