July 2, 2022


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Julian Assange suffered a stroke in October while in prison

WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, Was Stroke In October when he was in maximum security prison Belmarsh While in prison, his fianc மனைவிe, Stella Morris, revealed this Friday after learning that his deportation to the United States had succeeded.

Assange could be charged with espionage and face a maximum sentence 175 years in prison Behind his back, on October 27, he suffered a stroke during a video footage of the apparent process of handing him over to the UK Supreme Court. Since then, he has undergone MRI and is receiving medication for treatment Severe injuries, Morris condemned in an article published in the ‘Daily Mail’ newspaper.

Look at the animals trapped in the cages at the zoo. They shorten their lifespan. That’s what happens to Julian. Endless court cases are very stressful mentally, “his fiance told the British newspaper, insisting he had been given fresh air and sunlight, not enough food and the stimulus he needed in a maximum security prison.”

A UK judge has approved an appeal by the United States to deport WikiLeaks founder to North America. The Court of Appeals, on the grounds that the defendant had health reasons and a higher risk of suicide, re-enacted the procedure if the extradition proceeded.

“Through the video link, how can they argue that he deserves to be exposed to a ‘show trial’ in the United States, which refuses to prosecute torturers because he was too ill to attend his own trial? And war criminals?” நா. The reporter responded. Niles Melser, In a video he posted on his social networks.

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This decision is a severe blow to the enthusiast and the programmer His panel of lawyers is examining the possibility of appealing the verdict. Upon hearing the news, Morris revealed that it was a “serious judicial error” and stressed that the surrender was “abuse” and “revenge”: “It would have been horrible to hear an appeal in a court where you could not participate. It discusses your mental health and your risk of suicide.” The United States argues that you are creating, “he said.

For its part, the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) Condemned the verdict He further added that “Assange will support any legal assistance presented by the panel.” In a statement, he pointed out that the case would be brought before the United Nations and thus joined dozens of groups calling on the British government to release the activist.