October 6, 2022


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Kamala Harris urges Vietnam to join US over “harassment” from China

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In the middle of his official visit, US Vice President Kamala Harris invited the Vietnamese government to join her country. Washington pressed its sharp rhetoric against Beijing after making its first stop in Singapore during its Southeast Asian tour.

The United States is seeking to capture allies while increasing its condemnation of China, one of its main challenges in foreign policy.

During his stay in Vietnam this August 25, in the midst of a tour of Asia, US Vice President Kamala Harris met with key Vietnamese leaders and offered her government support in several key areas. Among them, improving its maritime security, in the midst of its coastal demands, in an effort to counter Beijing’s growing determination in the South China Sea.

In this regard, Harris clarified his support for sending additional U.S. Coast Guard personnel to Vietnam to protect its security interests in the disputed waters. In addition, he promised that his government would “maintain a strong presence in the South China Sea.”

The concessions were made during talks with Vietnamese President Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Vice President Vo Thi Anh Xuan and Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh.

Later, during his public comments in Hanoi, Harris Xi Jinping acknowledged his speeches against the government.

“We need to find ways to deal with the pressure and increase the pressure …

Harris’ Southeast Asia tour attracts China’s attention

This is the second time in a week that Harris has attacked Chinese officials. As Washington seeks to strengthen ties with the Indo-Pacific region in the face of China’s growing military and economic influence, the executive representative’s condemnation comes in the middle of a week-long tour of Southeast Asia.

When detained in Singapore on Tuesday, Harris accused Beijing of coercion and intimidation to support illegal claims in certain parts of the disputed South China Sea. China rejected his comments and accused Washington of trying to put a wedge between his country and its neighbors in the region.

But support provided not only for the maritime controversy, but also for a number of new partnerships, including climate change, trade and the fight against the Govt-19 epidemic, Harris said.

While increasing its influence in Southeast Asia, the United States provided the Govt-19 vaccine to Vietnam.

Amid part of her agenda to increase her influence in the region and the need for vaccines against health emergencies, Kamala Harris announced that the United States would send an additional million doses of biofilm to Vietnam. Through this move, the total U.S. vaccine donation to Vietnam increases to 6 million.

In addition, Washington will contribute $ 23 million to expand the distribution and access to Hanoi drugs, fight the epidemic, and prepare for future disease threats. The Department of Freezer Security will also provide 77 to store vaccines nationwide.

This offer comes as Vietnam Govt-19 infections are on the rise due to delta variation spread and low vaccination rates.

Of the 98 million people in the country, only about 2% are fully vaccinated. The increase in lawsuits also led to the recent closure of the country’s commercial center and the city of Ho Chi Minh, the epicenter of the recent eruption.

With AP, Reuters and EFE

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