July 2, 2022


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Kazakh President orders “shoot without warning” against protesters | International

“He who does not surrender will be destroyed.” With these words he addressed his people President of Kazakhstan, Qasim-Yomart Tokayev, Who has apparently ordered the unprovoked firing on protesters who have taken to the streets since the beginning of this year. Resistance to rising fuel prices They have also spoken out against the Kazakh regime. That order reflects the escalating wave of repression in Kazakhstan and threatens to escalate tensions in the former Soviet republic. “What nonsense. What negotiations can there be with criminals and murderers?” Supreme Leader between 1991 and 2019. Kazakhstan’s Interior Ministry said on Friday that 26 activists had been “paid” and that 26 had been injured and 3,811 had been arrested. Authorities say 18 members of the security forces have been killed and more than 740 in need of medical assistance since the protests began.

The President of Kazakhstan, Qasim-Yomart Tokayev, during his speech this Friday.Photo: Manual (AFP) | Video: REUTERS

“We had to deal with bandits and trained terrorists. Therefore, it is necessary to destroy them. This will be done soon,” Djokovic said. By comparison, the Joint Defense Agreement (CSTO) has so far sent 2,500 troops to the country, General Secretary of the Moscow-led military alliance Stanislav Jaz told Russian news agency RIA Novosti.

However, The arrival of the Russian army in Kazakhstan was constant. Russia’s Defense Ministry says 75 aircraft will be used to deploy troops in the Central Asian Republic. Tokayev, 68, thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin for his “comradeship in responding to a request for support from Kazakhstan.” This is CSTO’s first intervention since its creation in 1992 And Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. The latter country’s parliament approved sending the army this Friday, after postponing the decision by a day due to its inefficiency and scarcity. கோரம் Under house. According to some delegates, interfering in the internal affairs of the country is contrary to the spirit of the CSTO, which, according to Article 4 of the Organization, enacted by Tokyo on Wednesday night, will only intervene if allies “invade”. “Threat to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Member State”.

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Wednesday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. Ministry of Interior of Kazakhstan (via Reuters)

The task of the CSTO is to strengthen the security of Togolese and his circle from any internal threat. Leonid Kalashnikov, chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee on the Affairs of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), insisted that troops would not be involved in street clashes this week. Responsibility for the protection of “infrastructure and strategic sites”.

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Although the Kazakh government cut off the Internet, some telegram channels were able to spread images of the massacres that took place there, throughout the morgue, setting fire to protesters and buildings killed in the streets. In the early days of the protests, images of Kazakh soldiers and police retreating from marches or kneeling in front of protesters could be seen. Faced with such a situation, Tokayev’s leadership took a turn: on January 5, the president was ousted. Prime Minister Askar Mamin and his entire cabinet, And so far created another executive led by Deputy Prime Minister Alijan Smilov.

Russian military vehicles, before being flown to Kazakhstan on military planes this Thursday.Photo: Manual (AFP) | Video: EPV

Similarly, Djokovic ousted Karim Massimo, the head of the National Security Council that day, and took control of the Security Council, the body that coordinates all security forces. Elected 2019 and current president as his dolphin.

During his speech, Tokayev accused the press of inciting protests. “The independent media and foreign figures, who are far removed from the fundamental interests of our multinational people, are inciting law and order violations,” he said, praising the president for limiting his right to express his 2020 reform. “This is a big step in promoting democracy in our country because it is not allowed, it is necessary to inform rallies and rallies. The so-called human rights defenders and activists believe that they have the right to put themselves above the law and meet wherever they want and chat about what they want,” Tokayev said. Said.

Coordination between Moscow and the Kazakh government was completed. At the military level, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu maintains constant contact with other CSTO members through closed communication channels, according to the DOS agency. Politically, Putin spoke “repeatedly” on the phone with Tokyo, the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed. “Shoaib continues to inform Putin about sending peacekeepers to Kazakhstan and carrying out assigned tasks,” Peskov said.

The Baikonur Cosmotrome is one of Russia’s strategic territories in Kazakhstan. Authorities have beefed up security there and ordered that no groups of more than three people be allowed in the city (officially to avoid corona virus infections). In addition, the city, which has a population of 75,000, has a heightened terrorist alert, where the space launch crew lives, although its city council has told Interfax that the evacuation of the Russians is not planned. “We urge you to remain calm, avoid panic and do not believe the rumors,” he said. The situation is under control, ”the local administration recommended.

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