October 4, 2022


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Keiko Fujimori reiterates allegations of fraud and joins hands with global “left” in election results | International | News


Peruvian presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori is behind this Saturday’s “table fraud” and “international left” in the run-up to the election, in which candidates’ Punty Castillo became the virtual winner, in the absence of an official declaration of national arbitration (JNE).

As the candidate expressed himself at a meeting with the Peruvian Foreign Press Association (APEP), he estimated the June 6 election, which garnered Castillo about 50,000 votes, and his contest against JNE to reverse these results in an attempt to cancel the encouraged 200,000 votes.

The candidate, along with his vice presidential candidate Luis Coleretta and legal adviser Miguel Torres, stressed in the dissertation he began last Monday that when the results began to draw his defeat in the election, a “table fraud” was planned for Castillo’s party, Peru Libre, “to override the election result.”

In this context, Fujimori and his advisers pointed out that the “Marxist-Leninist” party had “infiltrated” the voting table and manipulated the decision, and that their demand for the cancellation of those 200,000 votes was in response to a move to “know the truth.” About what happened.

Peru “Communism and an Free Economy, Left and Center-Right, Statistics and the Unrestricted Market, Freedom of the Press and Freedom.

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So, Peru today will be a scene of “war” that is not a choice “over Keiko Fujimori or Fujimori” but rather between “communism and democracy”.

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In his view, the participation of the “international left” in this fraud is seen in the reaction of many countries and the voting of the political leaders of the Latin American left.

Left-wing candidate Castillo Caico maintains voting advantage over Fujimori.
Photo: EFE

Allegations of identity theft

The candidate did not provide any credible evidence for these allegations, except that the ballot was allegedly tampered with with the signatures of those responsible for it, which he presented as “identity theft” or alleged family ties between his members, something prohibited by law.

“The contribution of the international left is evident as we count the votes. Some members, such as President (Alberto) Fernandes (from Argentina), have declared Pedro Castillo the winner. This is true of many active members of the Latin American left,” Fujimori said.

Coleretta went a step further and confirmed from Fursa Popular that they “have been rudely infiltrated by members of the electoral system Peruvian librarians and they have found loopholes in the electoral rules.”

“It is necessary to ask whether they came from abroad (those responsible for this fraud), how they got to Venezuela and how they got to Bolivia. They have found loopholes in Peru where they have manipulated the bugs into a modus operandi (fraud), ”he said.

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According to Fujimori, this attack on Peruvian elections occurs because the country is “geopolitically strategic and fundamental in Latin America.”

“That is why the international left is trying to divert people’s spending, with all the manifestations we have seen in every table, in every table,” he added.

None of the election monitoring missions that visited the country, including the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Union of Inter-American Electoral Organizations (JUD), found serious irregularities.

In fact, they congratulated Peru on the proper development of the election.

March to protest fraud

Fujimori announced that he would attend a rally this Saturday afternoon to protest the “table fraud” called by his supporters, pointing out that he would like to blame his rival, the left-wing Puntaren Castillo in the presidential election.

During a press conference with the Foreign Press Association (APEP) in Perma, the candidate confirmed that he would take part in the demonstration, which was to take place in Campo de Martே in Lima.

“Today several teams are marching and gathering at the Combo de Mart. I understand that the conference starts at three in the afternoon. I’m going to attend. I’ll be there from four o’clock,” he announced. (I)