September 30, 2022

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Key figures responsible for the security of Jovnell Moisin’s president in Haiti do not appear to be testifying International | News

The police public investigation did not respond to a request from the prosecutor’s office for permission for the body members to appear.


The two police chiefs in charge of Haiti’s presidential defense did not appear in Port-au-Prince court this Tuesday to testify against what they were told about the assassination of President Juanel Mois.

Attorney Pete-Ford Claude, who is in charge of the murder case, confirmed to Effek Principal Analyst Aman Paul Eddie, Chairman or Commissioner of the CAT Group Jean Lockwell, General Coordinator of Presidential Security, has reached the premises of the Palace of Justice.

According to Le Novelist of a Haitian shop, Bed-Ford Claude noted that during a visit to the president’s residence after the assassination, he saw Commissioner Jean Louquel’s civil at the scene. At the time, Dmitry Heard was in front of the Fashion-Ville police station with some USGPN agents.

As he explained, The Police general investigation did not respond to a request from the prosecutor’s office for permission for members of the body to appear to testify. And, for that reason, they did not appear in court.

A conference of those in charge of Moyes’ defense seeks to clarify what happened on the night of the attack, in which no member of the president’s security apparatus was injured, according to reports released to date.

A team of US experts is coming to Haiti to help investigate the murder of Jovnell Moss

Today marks the second day of reports of the president’s assassination, according to the official version that the 28 mercenaries who shot Moise with his wife Martin are recovering in a Miami hospital from the injuries he suffered.

Haitian politician Yuri Lautordo addresses the media as he leaves the Port-au-Prince court on July 12, 2021, following a trial led by Judge Bed-Ford Claude with Haitian political leaders and businessmen following the assassination of President Jovnell Moyes. Photo: – Valerie Parisville

At the first hearing on Monday, former senators Yuri Ladordue and presidential opponents Steven Benoit denied any knowledge or involvement in the incident. Pierre Reginald Poulos, leader of the Haitian opposition, was represented by his lawyer, Samuel Modist.

Reward for other suspects

According to Colombian newspapers, the Haitian National Police on Tuesday charged photos and data of a former senator and two local businessmen with “murder, attempted murder and armed robbery.”

The El Timbo newspaper reports that local sources linked to the alleged involvement of President Joseph Felix Padio, John Joel Joseph and Tsar Rodolphe (Toddoff) in the early hours of July 7 in the early hours of July 7 have been linked to the crime.

Joseph is known as a powerful former Haitian opposition senator; Although Podio is known as an engineer by profession, he recently worked in the Anti-Corruption Unit (ULCC) as the Field Operations Coordinator of the Public Intelligence Service, who was fired last May for alleged misconduct and bribery.

With regard to Haitian businessman Jar Rodolphe, he pleaded not guilty to drug trafficking charges in a Miami court in 2013.

Local media reported that the trio backed Dr. Emmanuel Sanon in carrying out the attack on the presidential residence. (I)

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