November 28, 2022

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La confianza en los media de comunicación en EE.UU. cae a mínimos históricos

The new Gallup study affirms that only 16% of Americans believe in information published by newspapers, and only 11% believe in news from television.

Gallup’s annual polls on trust in newspapers have been conducted since 1973, and on television news since 1993. Their last data showed a record number of declines in Americans’ trust ratings. cuales no confían en las noticias de los periódicos y de la televisión. The drop in trust, compared to the previous year, was 5% in both indicators.

The data, which comes from the last survey carried out from 1 to 20 June, shows that 46% of Americans “have very little” or ninguna confianza en las noticias escritas en periódicos, y el 53% en las de la televisión. Meanwhile, only 16% of American adults say they have “much” or “bastant” trust in newspapers, and 11% in television news.

Likewise, the study shows the great difference between the rate of confidence of the democrats and the republicans. Compared to the minimum record of 5% of republicans who give credit to information in newspapers, 35% of democrats seem quite positive. At the same time, the democrats believe less in the news on television (solo el 20 %), while the republicans represent the rate of 8 %, 2 % higher than the previous year.

The trend of increasing distrust in the media is observed throughout the world. El director del Instituto Reuters para el Estudio del Periodismo, Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, wrote in his report that “a large number of people and a los media de comunicación como sujetos de una influence politica indebida”.

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