October 6, 2022


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Latin American ministers are calling for changes in diet

This content was released on July 27, 2021 – 15:19

ROME, July 27 (EFE) .- In the run-up to the United Nations summit, agriculture ministers in various Latin American countries called for changes in diet to make food more sustainable, to combat climate change and to combat the effects of epidemics. Countries of Rome Diet.

Argentine Minister Luis Pastero defended the invention of food systems, but recalled that “it would be very difficult for the market to provide solutions for family farming without the states,” for which he called for cooperation between countries. In sophisticated settings.

“Agriculture is part of the solution, not the problem,” Pastera said, arguing that “encouraging scientific research to allow inclusive agriculture, being environmentally friendly and providing resources to overcome hunger.”

Ecuador’s Minister of Agriculture Danley Vera also stressed the importance of family farming in his country and its “contribution to the provision of food”, but warned that “many efforts have been delayed in the fight against epidemic hunger.”

“Diets can help reduce poverty and inequality while protecting the environment,” he said.

The Minister recalled that the agricultural sector represents 8% of Ecuador’s GDP and creates 28% of jobs, for which he assured that the sector would help in “economic restructuring” and from the epidemic “thanks to their efforts during the most difficult times” he never stopped working. “

Guatemala’s Minister of Agriculture, Jose Angel Lopez Campoceco, promised that “changing diets is of particular importance” and demonstrating the power to adapt “to climate change.”

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Lopez Camposheko highlighted the importance of school food as a “catalyst for change” in the fight against hunger and improving nutrition in his country, and explained that Guatemala focused on its efforts to “ensure access to nutritious food for all.”

For his part, Uruguay’s Vice President Beatrice Archiman, in introducing the discussion between the ministers, expressed the need to “listen to all the actors involved in the diet” and “reach a political agreement to build consensus and design strategies. Medium and long term”.

The UN Diet Summit brings together politicians, experts and farmers physically and remotely until tomorrow to gather ideas for the summit, which will take place next September within the framework of the UN General Assembly. EFE

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