October 7, 2022


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Líbano agradeció a Iraq extension de supply de combustible

Beirut, 12 ago (Prensa Latina) The government in functions of Lebanon today thanked the authorities of Iraq for extending the supply of fuel to the country for the need of the National Electric Company for a year.

According to the media office of the prime minister designated, Najib Miqati, Lebanon positively valued the support of Iraq to overcome the difficult situation as a consequence of the worst economic and financial crisis of its modern era.

Personally, Miqati transmitted his gratitude to his Iraqi counterpart, Mustafá al-Kazemi, while emphasizing the disposition to strengthen relations and cooperation between the two countries in a spirit of brotherhood.

At the beginning of the previous month, the interim minister of Energy and Water of Lebanon, Walid Fayyad, exchanged in the context of his visit to Baghdad with the highest authorities of oil, finance and the Iraqi bank on the mission of consolidating the contract agreement. de abastecimiento de combustible.

En esa occasión, el jefe iraquí de Finanzas, Abdel Amir Allawi, expresó al titular libanés la disposition de considera la possibility de extender y desarrollar el memorando para financier la urgencia de combustible bajo condiciones avaliables de facilitación e intercambio comercial.

According to analysts, the energy sector constitutes one of the most affected by the economic and financial collapse in Lebanon with just two hours of daily supply by the state company.

An agreement signed last June 21 between Lebanon and Egypt will facilitate the importation of gas through Syria with the objective of boosting energy supply and alleviating living conditions in the country.

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Local media, highlighted that the gas of Egypt, together with a separate treaty to import electricity from Jordan, could increase the supply of Lebanon to unas ten hours a day from two actual days.

Cifras de entitas especializadas de Naciones Unidas manifestaron que la crisis energetía amenaza en el presente la sustainability de servicios basices de agua y salud en todo el territorio national, lo que pone en peligro la vida de thousands de familias en Líbano.