October 4, 2022


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Lula defines the pre-presidential campaign committee in Brazil

October 7, 2021, 12:30 AM
Brasilia, October 7 (Prinza Latina) Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has announced that he will define his pre-presidential campaign team for the 2022 elections, which will continue today with his political agenda to visit the capital.

According to news portal Brazil 247, the founder of the Labor Party (PT) told his spokespersons that he wanted to put together an initial idea of ​​what the group should be like by the end of October.

Journalist Ricardo Cadelha, also known as the BAF Electoral Program, said that with next year’s leading candidates for the presidency, there should be between 10 and 15 staff with experience in election campaigns.

The group includes experienced figures from Brazilian politics, PT leader Gleisi Hoffmann, members of parliament and governors of the party, as well as former ministers Luis Dulce and Celso Amorim.

Also, until now, delegates were Paulo Pimenta, Rui Falco and Jose Quimaris, governors Rui Costa, Camilo Santana, Wellington Diaz and Fatima Besera, and Senator Jacks Wagner.

Kadelha explained that the names on the list would execute administrative functions with specific tasks.

The government planning committee should not be elected until the beginning of next year.

Lula exercised her political rights in March after a federal Supreme Court judge overturned all of her sentences, making it possible for her to run for power.

As the former leader regained those rights, BT strengthened its political environment. Franklin Martins, who is currently in charge of party communications, joined first.

This week Lula activated contacts in the Federal District (DF) in search of electoral alliances to vote for. His exchange of fans began on Sunday with Bernambuco (Northeast) Governor, Paulo Semara and Senator and former Health Minister Humberto Costa.

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With the idea of ​​adding support, he spoke with politicians from other left-wing parties and central and right-wing allies at the next sessions.

According to the website www.lula.com.br, this Thursday the former president will visit the DF’s Integrated Recycling Complex (CIR), which is managed by the Central Cooperative Waste Collectors (CentCoop).

The CIR is one of four lands donated by the federal government to CentCoop during Lula’s administration in 2010 with the aim of building recycling depots and raising incomes for thousands of workers.

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