January 25, 2021

Manitoba finds lowest COVID-19 numbers in weeks with 167 new cases, 4 deaths

Manitoba on Monday reported four deaths and 167 new Govt-19 cases, less than a month ago.

This is the first time since November 3 that the number of new cases per day in Manitoba is less than 200.

Manitoba recorded its lowest test-positive rate in the province in more than a month at 11.5 percent. Winnipeg’s test-positive ratio dropped to 10.5 percent.

“Our case numbers are down today, which is definitely a positive,” Dr Jazz Adwal, Manitoba’s deputy chief public health officer, told a news conference on Monday.

“However, we must be vigilant and these numbers will not allow us to be dragged into a false sense of security,” he said, especially during the holidays.

The two deaths, announced Monday, were related to house explosions, including a woman in her 90s at the Charleswood Care Center and a woman in her 90s at Park Manor.

Other deaths were a woman in her 60s from the Southern Health Region and a woman from the Winnipeg region in the 90s.

Less than half of the new cases reported on Monday – 83 – are in the Winnipeg health region. There are 43 new cases in the Southern Health Region, 25 in the Northern Health Region, nine in Interlake-Eastern, and seven in Prairie Mountain Health.

Officials also said a previously reported case had been removed from the province’s case numbers, bringing the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the province to 23,025 since the outbreak began. Provincial data shows 5,736 active cases in Manitoba, but the province previously said the number could increase due to data entry backlinks.

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Although the number of new cases and deaths is low, the number of COVID-19 patients requiring medical care is high.

The number of mannitophiles in the hospital with the disease has risen slightly to 382, ​​of which 310 patients are still considered infectious. There are 49 patients in the intensive care unit in Manitoba with COVID-19, 42 of whom are still infectious.

Out of a total of 76 patients on ventilators in Manitoba hospitals, 39 tested positive for Govit-19.

A new eruption has been reported at the Concordia Place maintenance home since the previous eruption – announced on October 23 – was announced on Friday.

An explosion has been reported at the Swan Fence Health Center on the Swan River.

Currently, there are 18 outbreaks at health care centers in Manitoba, Stock Health Chief Nursing Officer Lonette Chiracusa told a news conference.

The Minister of Health is coming to 1st appearance in weeks

For the first time in more than a month, Health Minister Cameron Friessen attended a news conference on Monday with Syracuse and Adwal.

Bryson last held a news conference with reporters on Nov. 13, announcing an investigation into Maples Care Home, the province’s worst personal care home, after eight residents died within 48 hours of the first weekend of November.

It was Bryson’s first media appearance last week that Premier Brian Polyester was considering appointing a second health minister to fight the state’s high COVID – 19 case numbers.

On Monday, Fryson declined to speculate on what the responsibilities between the two health ministers would be.

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“I am fully focused on the tasks ahead of me in responding to COVID-19,” Friessen said at a news conference.

“As you know ministers, we have jobs, not explanations, and I am proud to have served as Minister of Health for more than two and a half years in this province.

“But right now, what Manitobans needs is leaders to take the lead, and I plan to do that in my role as long as I have it.”

The latest update comes just days before Christmas, and provincial health leaders are urging Manitobans to refrain from associating with those outside their homes during the holidays.

A few weeks after the entire province went into red-level controls, the number of recent daily cases began to decline, but officials fear a spike could occur in the next two weeks if people do not follow public health orders.