September 30, 2022

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March to Assange in London ahead of another extradition hearing

Hundreds of people march in the UK demanding the release of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Several British Labor MPs, including WikiLeaks editor Christine Hrfnson and Australian journalist partner Stella Morris, took the lead in the demonstration, which took place via central London before the High Court closed.

The leaders of the march demanded a poster saying ‘Do not deport Assange’, including former Ecuadorian ambassador Fidel Nervis, who has been with cyber activists in the capital for seven years.

WikiLeaks founder London has been jailed under maximum security since the Ecuadorian government handed him over to British police in April 2019.

After a four-week trial in September 2020, a British magistrate refused to extradite him to US courts in an attempt to uncover thousands of classified files exposing war crimes committed by the US military in Afghanistan and Iraq. Other things.

Assange could face up to 175 years in prison in the United States under 175 years of intelligence if the deportation order succeeds, with an appeal hearing against the decision of the British district court set to take place in the High Court in the middle of next week. Charges against him.

A new investigation has been set up into recent revelations by a senior US prosecutor who claimed that senior CIA officers planned to kidnap and assassinate Assange while he was in refuge at the Ecuadorian embassy and that he lied in his statement against the Australian journalist. Exchange for immunity. In this regard, Morris told Brenza Latina that the handover of British justice was “completely incomprehensible” after it was made public that he had planned to kidnap and assassinate the founder of WikiLeaks.

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Hrafnsson also shares the opinion of his colleague and said he hopes the court will respect the decision of the district judge who opposed the deportation of Assange for fear of suicide in a US prison.

That, he stressed, would be the only possible outcome, otherwise it would be disastrous for the journalist’s future.

The former Ecuadorian deputy ambassador pointed out that the revelations of the conspiracy, which were published last month by the Yahoo News site, confirm previous complaints about Assange’s attempts to kidnap and attempt to assassinate him inside the embassy.

According to Norwis, the documents in the Madrid investigation are against a Spanish company that was in charge of Ecuadorian diplomatic security in London during the stay of the Australian journalist.

Cubate (with information by Brenza Latina)