October 4, 2022


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Mass protests in Brazil against Polsanaro and the management of the epidemic

For the second day in a row this Saturday, thousands of people took to the streets in Brazil, condemning the response of the Jair Bolsanaro government to the epidemic, with the country surpassing 500,000 deaths from Covit-19.

The rallies took place in the capital, Brasilia, and other major cities. They were summoned by the demanding social movements and political opposition Dismissal of Bolzano They criticize its administration’s delay in obtaining the vaccine and its opposition to measures to control the disease and its recognition of its importance. Recently, the President He said Getting the corona virus is the best way to get immunity.

“We protest against the genocidal Bolsanaro government that did not buy the vaccines Nothing done To take care of his people over the past year, “one of the participants told the company.

With 2,301 deaths In the last 24 hours, the South American country adds 500,800 died Since the beginning of the health crisis, it has surpassed only the United States globally, meanwhile, 11.45% only Of its population (24.2 million people), 29.61% have received two doses of the vaccine for the first time. Information Collected by UOL Media from State Health Departments.

In April, Brazil experienced a second wave of the epidemic Registrar More than 4,000 deaths a day, which marked a record for deaths. More than 60% of deaths in the country have occurred since the beginning of 2021, and now Brazil seems to be dealing with one The third wave, As the statistics indicate.

Its max Latest newsletter, The Brazilian scientific institution Fundasian Oswaldo Fiocruz described the situation “Very important”, It is likely to get worse in the coming weeks. The proportion of residents in intensive care units is very worrying and warns that the “rejuvenating trend of infection” is at high risk among young people at this time. Strengthening the need to wear face masks and maintaining social distance is essential because the country “cannot provide adequate vaccination protection for young people,” the foundation stressed.

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(Taken from RT in Spanish)