October 6, 2022


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Mass rallies in Brazil against the policies of Jair Bolzano

According to organizers, the protests have reached about 200 cities inside and outside Brazil. Photo: Twitter / Glee Hoffman.

New day of protests against the government of Jair Bolsanaro Living in Brazil this Saturday, tens of thousands of people condemned the management of the epidemic on the streets of major cities summoned by social organizations.

Frende confirmed the existence of an organization called Sin Fido in Brazil Mobiles in 170 Brazilian cities such as Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Recife or the Belo Horizonte, which should include events in nine other countries.

Douglas Iso, a spokesman for the Single Labor Center (CUT), stressed that protesters were on the streets because of the “outburst of Bolsanaro”, not only because of the crimes he had committed by not being ready to fight the country. COVID- 19 and vaccination arrangement, but against government policy.

Protesters demanded that the far-right president speed up the vaccination process and increase aid, so that the poor, who are most affected by the epidemic, have “decent” income to deal with the epidemic crisis.

Wearing anti-government masks and posters, the protesters called for a halt to the privatization of state-owned enterprises and budget cuts in universities and academia in general.

“Out with Polsano!”, “Vaccinate everyone now!” Brazil was one of the most affected by the COVID-19 parade commemorating the 460,000 deaths and more than 16.3 million infections, as well as the general class at the “Genocidal Bolzano” marches.

The march initially began in cities such as Brasilia (capital), Rio de Janeiro, Bethlehem and Recife. By the afternoon, demonstrations were planned in other cities, such as Guerrero, Manaus and Fortaleza, and in the most populous city in S பாo Paulo, Brazil.

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Some protesters in Bernambuco were wounded by rubber bullets fired during a march by militarized police. According to protesters’ complaints, agents were also arrested using pepper spray.

The mobilization also seeks to expedite the investigation into whether a Senate commission on the management of the epidemic is currently carrying out possible shortcomings by the government. The chances of getting a political verdict against the president are still remote.

Created at the request of the opposition, the commission, which has seven of its eleven members, is trying to clarify whether the government has any responsibility in controlling the health crisis in Brazil, which is already one of three countries most affected by the epidemic, along with the United States and India.

(With information from teleSUR)