October 4, 2022


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Massacre in Haiti, 10 days later – Brenza Latin

One of the most relevant data is that Washington trained and worked with various members of the Armed Forces who allegedly killed the president at his residence in the early hours of July 7.

The Pentagon confirmed that one of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) detainees had served as an informant for a federal agency, while the Pentagon confirmed that members of the group had been trained by the U.S. military and were still members of the U.S. regular military. Colombia.

For his part, Joe Biden refused to send troops to Haiti “for now” and promised that only naval personnel would be sent to protect the northern embassy in Port-au-Prince.

Earlier this week, police announced the arrest of Emanuel Sanon, a Haitian doctor who was allegedly murdered, and the first person to be contacted by ‘mercenaries’ when besieged by authorities.

Director of Police Leon Charles explained that they found in his home several computers engraved with the letters DEA, weapons, ammunition, Dominican Republic license plates and letters sent by Sanon to various departments in the country.

The owner also explained that the assassination was planned at a hotel in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, which was attended by Sanon and Venezuela’s rival Antonio Emmanuelle Intrio, who runs a security firm called CDU Security.

Former senator John Joel Joseph, co-ordinator of meetings with mercenaries and Haitian-born American, James Solages and adviser to the Global Capital Credit Committee, Walter Weindemila, attended. He was charged with funding the assassination, according to authorities.

The Arms Command consisted of 26 Colombians and two Haitian Americans who declared themselves translators.

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Eighteen Colombians have been arrested, three have died in clashes with police, and five are on the run, according to the most recent balance of law enforcement agencies.

A police search warrant has been issued against former Senator Joseph, former businessman Rhodosplay Jar and former Justice Ministry official Joseph Felix Padio, who, according to recent investigations, have ordered an assassination.

Meanwhile, the government barred 16 people from leaving the country, including four top presidential security officials who were summoned to testify at the public ministry, but did not attend.

The director of the police force promised that the agents would be isolated and 24 precautionary measures were taken against the officers responsible for ensuring the security of the head of state.

Moss received 12 shots that hit his abdomen, hips, eyes, and head, but did not survive, while First Lady Martin Etienne was the target of several missiles.

Deputy Minister Matthias Pierre said the governor was tortured and his autopsy showed several broken bones, while pictures circulating on social media showed cuts on his hands and tears on his shoulders.

The day before thousands of supporters marched through the streets of Drew to Nord, his birthplace and Port de Pikes, where Martin was originally from.

Dressed in white, with flowers and posters, they demanded justice and pointed out that the president had been assassinated for his comments on his development.

The national funeral will take place next Friday in Cape Haitian, the country’s second-largest city.

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