September 30, 2022

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Mexico could not stop the new immigrant caravan – Prinza Latina

The progress of more than four thousand participants at the event, organized yesterday in Tapasula, Seabass, could not be stopped by uniformed men, including several minors, one of whom was reported injured in the coercive attempt.

The operation took place in Viva Mexico, about two and a half kilometers from Tapasula, where dozens of uniformed men with riot gear were waiting for them, according to press reports.

The media describes the agents stuffing a group of men, women and children under a bridge, but especially young people rushed against the shields and broke the fence.

During the fight, a Guatemalan minor suffered a head injury and was treated by Beta Group agents.

After being dragged away for a few minutes, most of the foreigners crossed the police fence on the coastal highway as agents fell to avoid a confrontation.

The group has finally arrived to spend the night in the Alvaro African community, and this Sunday they are trying to continue on their way to the country’s capital, according to media reports.

Eventually they allowed us to pass because there was a lot of press, said Louis Garcia Villacron, director of the Center for Human Rights, but expressed fears that at night authorities would try to dismantle the caravan.

He explained that the block was compact and that more people had joined, adding that a total of 4,000 immigrants would be involved in the mobilization.

Among them, more than 60 pregnant women and more than a thousand children, people with multiple disabilities, sick men and at least a dozen people use wheelchairs, he said. This, he said, is a real exodus from poverty, which causes the greatest pain we can see.

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Pueblos sin Fronteras’ director Irino Mujica and García Villagrán, mostly Central Americans, departed from Bicentennial Park in Tapasula, Kerala, to Mexico City at 7:00 pm local time. Delay in issuing documents so they can legally reside or change country.

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