November 28, 2022

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Migration crisis on Colombia-Panama border kills people – Brenza Latin

Last Sunday, members of the National Border Service (CNF) found three other bodies floating in the Marakanti River in the middle of the Darian Forest, where they reportedly drowned while trying to cross one of the world’s most dangerous forests.

Earlier, authorities found bodies floating in the currents, an undecided number of victims dying in the jungle for various reasons, as revealed by numerous witnesses from walkers.

“This route is very dangerous and dangerous to enter the Panamanian border, due to its hospitality and jungle conditions and the highly variable climate,” Darien’s attorney, Julio Vergara Castillo, told the Panama Star.

“According to the autopsy report, most of the deaths were due to drowning, and (so far) there have been no tragic deaths from the killings,” the official added.

The flow continues even as the Isthmian government closes its border with Colombia from May 20 in response to a contradictory move by a neighboring country that has opened columns between Ecuador, Brazil, Peru and Panama for ‘economic reasons’.

During this rainy season of the year, the mighty waters of the area shared by Colombia and Panama add even greater danger to those who dare to travel a week through the dense jungle, where the locations are drawn by the surprises of immigrants unfamiliar.

In defiance of official warnings about the dangers they face, official figures show that 11,370 illegal immigrants arrived in the Panamanian region this way in the first four months of this year, generating 111,000 migrants between 2014 and mid-April. Ortega, director of Oriel CenaFront, told Channel TVN-2.

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Dorian is considered one of the most dangerous irregular migratory routes in the world, not only because of the characteristics of tropical forests with strong rivers and wildlife (snakes, jaguars) and pests that can spread diseases, but also by organized crime groups.

The jungle, which has no means of land contact, has become a mandatory measure of irregular migration from South America to the United States, mainly by Haitians, Africans and Asians, who are largely displaced by human traffickers, and the simultaneous influx has created a humanitarian crisis that Panama authorities are trying to alleviate.

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