September 30, 2022

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Million Dollar Resources for the Costa Rica Electric Rail Project – Brenza Latin

Of that amount, $ 250 million would be $ 250 million from CABEI and $ 250 million to finance a portion of the remaining $ 21.3 million (40 years, with a 10-year grace period, at zero percent interest). Donation for the operation of bicycle lanes connected to railway stations.

The source said the funds would improve the conditions of the aforementioned CABEI loan, which was presented to Costa Rica’s legislature, with a ratio of 1.61 per cent, which is historic for this type of loan in the country.

Commenting on this decision, President Carlos Alvarado said that the support of that international organization for the electric rail project shows that it is a transformative initiative, with enormous benefits to the environment, the use of clean energy and better technical rigor.

CABEI’s Managing Director Dante Mosi said the electric passenger train in Costa Rica’s Greater metropolitan area represents a paradigm shift, as it will be a benchmark in the region towards a sustainable and low – emission transition, and will be the backbone of the column coordinating all types of public transport.

“Through this process, CABEI is making history in its relationship with the Green Climate Fund and encouraging more concessionary resources to support a leading country in the region to achieve its objectives of decarbonizing its economy by implementing this flagship project,” Mosi stressed. .

For his part, Environment and Energy Minister Andrea Mesa pledged that the electric train would improve our well-being, save time and reduce pollution in cities in line with the national decontamination plan.

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